Learn to drive anywhere in the world


Mar 28, 2006
Yes!!! you can drive anywhere in the world with ease ... Be it N.Y , L.A , London , Pyongyang or Tehran!!! All you have to do is book a ticket to Mumbai ( for those who don't know what or where is Mumbai Its the busiest city in India and one of the most polluted in the world ).

Mumbai has VERY , VERY good roads:p: Driving in Mumbai is an hallucinatory potion of sound , spectacle and experience. No lane discipine , no roundabouts and potholes the size of craters decorate the road. Speeding cars on clogged roads cause very few accidents ,only 1000 a day or so:shocked:

Plus for entertainment you dont need to have a music system in the car. On junctions and crossroads you have dozen or so beggars singing Britney Spear's Indian version of songs in the hope of getting a few rupees from you. I have experienced this entertainment as you can see. (That's why I am in Dubai and not Mumbai:p: ). Plus no drivers wear seat belts in India. Some actually wear garlands of marigold and drive nervously.

Truck drivers of India are like James Bonds (They have license to kill). They have an all up weight of approx 12.5 tons and have no intention of stopping even if they could. AND IF YOU HAVE SURVIVED ALL THIS (There is still more ) I GUARANTEE THAT DRIVING IN RUSH HOUR IN L.A OR N.Y IS HEAVEN COMPARED TO ROADS IN MUMBAI.

So what r u waiting for????


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