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John James , even pro life when lady is raped, and ? is when a mothers life is at risk!!


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Oct 9, 2017
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alaska, usa
Well a baby is human , but a fetus is not according to the jews.
No its a fetus and fetuses do not talk
Not so.
Why do transgenders force hospitals into giving them pregnancy tests ?
Trans men who are "biological" women perhaps? Trans women who have been raped? And you evidently resent any medical care at all for those you hate, even to save their existence for a brief time in this mortal body. Is it any wonder that you people who dehumanize infants, the unborn and even the fruit of your own womb, also insist on dehumanizing, torturing and murdering the transgender along with other social undesirables and adjudicated mental defectives who are have been deemed "slugs" or too slow on the pick-up in the eyes of the local pimp?

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