Jihad vs. McWorld


Nov 4, 2013
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January 3, 2014 in Commentary
by Thomas Buhls

Consumerism vs. tribalism– which will win?

Author Benjamin Barber explores these issues in Jihad vs. McWorld, and helps to show how two divergent materialist lifestyles both work towards the same ends of reducing the power of the nation-state.

Barber examines the differential between tribalism and consumerism, which is what makes it all the more interesting. I suppose he imagines himself as comparing the space between potatoes and tomatoes, and invariably he arrives at the conclusion that both tribalism and consumerism are detrimental to a functioning democracy.

“It is not Jihad and McWorld but the relationship between them that most interests me. For, squeezed between their opposing forces, the world has been sent spinning out of control. Can it be that what Jihad and McWorld have in common is anarchy: the absence of common will and that conscious and collective human control under the guidance of law we call democracy?”

And, he’s right.

Read more here: http://www.tradyouth.org/2014/01/jihad-vs-mcworld/

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