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Javakheti becomes Armenian again.


Oct 18, 2012
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Absolutely no secret it is in Georgia that in Javakheti the oppositional "Georgian Dream" won the region's parliamentary due to a large extent of that strong support the party met on the Armenian population behalf in region. No wonder... Ivanishvili promised Armenians to build them special study centre, to raise Armenian language in region and even to release their Armenian activist Vahang Chakhalyan, being imprisoned by Saakashvili in 2008... Yeah, even during the pre-election campaign in Javakheti here appeared no even a doubt that Ivanishvili is to win in region. And believe me, one should live in Javakheti to feel this difference between the Armenians have been living here silently under the Saakashvili's rule and the Armenians evoking here since the opps won the election. The eagles finally feel free – yesterday these wild Armenians came in five tinted vehicles to the city's house of culture, stormed inside it, turn out concierge out of his post, hoisted their national flag on the roof and... since then it is not house of culture any more... it is a city's Armenian Centre. How long have Armenians in Javakheti been waiting for this moment... how long... I'm afraid tomorrow Armenians are to start shooting Georgians in region.

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