Its called NATURE!!!!

Explain how we can be warming 100x faster than the previous interglacial period just based on the ocean currents or your 2C bullshit.
It's not. The graph you posted didn't have temperature on it. You were too dumb to even notice it.
You can't even post a graph with CO2 and temperature on it, dummy.

I can though. See?

Englander 420kyr CO2-T-SL rev.jpg
I literally just showed you it wasn't and I showed you it was 2C warmer than today with 120 ppm LESS CO2 than today.
You showed me shit.

You think a cherry picked piece of crap will see doubt on a scientific fact.

Sorry not buying it.
What do you think this proves?
Our unprecedented warming is caused by it.

Along with 99% of climate scientists and every climate organizations.

What do you have? Lord muckington?
Why? Why can't you accept that previous interglacial periods were warmer than today with significantly less CO2 than today?
But it doesn’t.

Prove human caused warming today isn’t our fault.

Does it.

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