Israel's War Against Hamas - Updates

Hey! How’s your day going?

Mine is great, thanks for asking.

I slept well. No interruptions. All good.

Oh, forgot to mention, Hezbollah has fired hundreds, HUNDREDS of rockets into northern Israeli cities in the past 24 hours. I’m talking not 100 or 200, hundreds!

In northern Israel, no one slept. Now you’re an intelligent person, yes? Is that a same assumption? Correct me if I’m wrong…

So please kindly explain to me how you didn’t know that an enemy state has fired hundreds of rockets and drones into Israel these past 24 hours. Why haven’t you seen it in your news?

What is your logical explanation? Asking seriously.

Also, when Israel retaliates to this massive consistent bombardment, do you think somehow the media will wake up?

Because Israel WILL retaliate. In fact, we are getting dangerously close to a full out war between Israel and Lebanon.

So how did you know nothing of this?

Ask yourself that question…

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