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the poster without a keyboard -


silence of the lamb, could they be cellmates ...
good news, the fanatics will be saved ...

JERUSALEM (Reuters) A member of Israel's war cabinet said on Sunday he would quit the national emergency government should proposed legislation that continues to exempt ultra-Orthodox Jews from mandatory military service be passed into law.

why have those that steal the land and burn the homes of their neighbors serve in the military when they would rather go to church ...

sixties and netanyahu - walk quietly - hand in hand.

* what war - the election stupid ... is all that matters.

Islam as a colonial-imperialist force

Tons of blood and ink spilled,
and entire new academic fields invented,
as part of the ideological discourse between Islam and the West.

The 'post-colonial' discourse though now part of the
daily Islamic missionary gaslighting, is apparently
to evade any discussion of Arab imperialism and
colonization of several continents, with likely
history of mass-slavery far worse than
anything by 'the West' altogether.

They sell Islam as a way to go "post-colonial"
but the ultimate goal is Arab imperialism.

When backed with illiteracy as an ideal.
The proof of Quran's divine source?
"it's in the beauty of it's Arabic..."
and the result is 20% illiteracy.

That is Arab imperialism.

Well said!
- could it have been from the heavens ....

The funeral for former U.S. Senator Joe Lieberman was held at the Congregation Agudath Sholom in Stamford on Friday March 29, 2024.

old joe isn't pulling the bunny out of the hat afterall -

He was also a private force in No Labels' presidential recruitment push.

aka - back handed political despotism the dark cloud of betrayal everyone knew who he was gunning for.

for sure was a serious threat.

rylah and sixties will just have to try a little harder, hopefully they will not run out of their favorite source of right wing propaganda literature ...

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