Iran getting nukes and giving them as birthday present to Bin Laden


Mar 28, 2006
Hey now why the hell is the goddamn UN and all those liberal and sissy countries like Russia , China , France , Germany and Co hesistant on Iran ? Why cant they let the US get into Iran screw up the Iranian nuclear facilities with tomahawks and then bring in a UN force ? Iran is certainly making nukes Its been in d news for ages and yet ppl turn a blind eye. Penatgon shud consider a miliatry strike on iran. Hole out Ahmedjinajad and his cronies. Iran has been enriching Uranium at a steady pace and are collaborating with North Korea on making their Shahab 3 Long Range Missile They already have the Fajr 3 cruise missile which can evade radar and a whole lot of stinkers that they can throw at Uncle SAM. Also a nuclear Iran can make the terrorists and militants gain nuclear missiles which is a BIG BIG problem. Now please look closely at a map of Iran It borders Pakistan and Afghanistan. Thru these borders terrorists get into the Asian sub continent and are shipped off to Kashmir , Xinjiang , Indonesia , Philipines where they spread insurgency. Bin Laden is holed somewhere in this region and if Iran succeeds in making a nuclear weapon it will surely land up in Osama Bin Ladens hand ( personally gift wrapped and witha card from the Iranian president ) . Now all of us can imagine what that could mean for d world. This cud start a nuclear holocaust and what not. So my message to those who feel that the US shud stop interfering in Iran is that they shut their mouths and let the Pentagon do its job. A war is iminent . Let the US finish it so that there can be peace in the goddamn Mid East for a few years at least.

I appreciate the sentiment, but you think you could clean it up a bit? Words like 'ppl,' 'shud,' and 'd,' really only have a place in game chat and IMs. Feel free to take your time here.

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