Intifada hurt Democrats


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Feb 16, 2016

Intifada hurt Democrats

Democrats are drinking the venom of anti-Americanism and anti-Semitism

2 May 2024 ~~ By Dan Surber

Americans woke up Wednesday morning to scenes on TV of police in blue cities arresting college students who camped on campuses. The action came as Democrats were appalled —
by their polling numbers.
The internal numbers must be even worse because Chuckles the Clown Schumer, the Senate Democrat leader, took to the Senate floor and said, “Smashing windows with hammers and taking over a university building is not free speech. It is lawlessness. And those who did it should promptly face the consequences that are not merely a slap on the wrist.
“Campuses cannot be places of learning and argument and discussion when protests veer into criminality and those who commit such acts are doing nothing to convince others that their cause is just.”
With a ceasefire unlikely and demands by college students making a ceasefire even less likely, Democrat mayors are sending in the police — you know, the guys they defunded — to toss the protesters out.
But FJB is pretty clueless. Consider this CBS report, “White House considers welcoming some Palestinians from war-torn Gaza as refugees.” The protests have made Gaza toxic to most Americans. Palestinian refugees are the stink bugs of politics today.
Derek Hunter wrote, “Blue-collar workers in Pennsylvania, Arizona, Georgia, Nevada and Wisconsin are now seeing at work the intended recipients of their hard-eared tax dollars through student loan forgiveness.
“Democrats couldn’t help but embrace the far left when these protests started. Now they can’t help themselves at all, no matter what happens. Hatred is a great motivator, but the question is always, to what end? Democrats are about to find out.”

Hamas admits to selling hostages into slavery to other muslims in Gaza.
Hamas can only account for 40 total hostages and will not say if those 40 are even alive anymore.
Once again we see that Joe Biden alias Robin Ware/Robert L. Peters/JRB Ware has buckled under the pressure of the Democrat Neo-Marxist Left and his antaganist Hamas anarchists.
Rather than call in the National Guard and make these racist anti-semetic players an example and prosecuting these travelers as insurrectionalists. None so far have been fully incarcerated buy booked and let go.
Why would anyone, but Soros’ useful idiots, choose to use Hamas as their excuse for all these democracy-destroying violent takeovers on college campuses?
(Some of these paid Soros puppets admit there is an ulterior motive to their rallies: the destruction of the US as we know it.)
Democrat Neo-Marxists have problems with conflicting promises made to different interest groups. Here you have the Far leftists of the Democrat party now revolting (in every sense of the word) against the Party, the leadership and the government because, while Democrats may depend on them for votes, it turns out they are under the full control of extra-national influences. They're under the control of Iran and funded by Soros… what a combination.
You have ask yourself when will these terrorists begin using their tried and true methods of arson, looting and murder as they did in 2020. Will they soon be intensifing attacks on our infra-structure and start using roadside IED's on specific targets.
If you say so.
The more Democrats own their opinions, the worse they look. With the elections coming up, their only hope for winning is to dust off all Trump's Ex orders and rerun them, of course claiming they were all original Biden ideas. Back to MAGA

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