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Oct 25, 2019
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It makes some claims I had never considered- but, when thinking about it, where we are as a Country and this quote; I care not who has the power, give me the money- it opens up a new line of thinking for that quote.

Although the future is bleak for the Palestinians, but the silver lining is that their adversary is the old tribal Jews,who had never been capable to build a nation of their own.

At heart, “Jews are not a Nation but a Tribe”; scattered around the globe for their own mundane, selfish, short term tribal interests; they are unable to overcome their materialistic views of the world, unable to believing in humanity — as a result, they have always endured a “Second Class Citizen Status” among the host nations where ever they had managed to infiltrate — e.g. Spain, Italy, Greece, Germany, and so forth — and we all know how that ended in those countries.

Jews are unable to build their own nation, their historical demise is the hard evidence to that fact; Jews have been living a sort of semi- nomadic lifestyle since they have left Egypt almost 3000 years ago – they are one of the oldest people of the world; intelligent like fox but crocodile by nature; filthy rich, shrewd — they had always managed to get close to the power centers of the host nations – to manipulate the governing powers for their own tribal interests, and this time is no different.

Yet, despite all their wealth, influence, and the power playing; Jews were unable to build their own nation; even the controversial state of Israel is only 75 years old while Jews have been around since 1400 BC — so one should wonder why this people had failed to create their own nation for the last three millennia — after all, “as formal states” most modern countries are barely 1000 years old; e.g. England, Belgium, Germany; most countries in the Eastern Europe; Hungary; Austria ; the Asian countries, Pakistan, Australia and New Zealand; certainly the American continent, from Canada, USA, Central America, to Chile and Argentina — “as political entities”, all these countries are barely 500 years old and yet despite adversities, they all managed to build their own nations.

So why Jews had failed to do the same over the last 3400 years ??? the answer may lie in the Jewish core values; they are too mundane, shortsighted, blinding the jews to see beyond their own immediate tribal needs — Jews are unable to sacrifice for greater causes beyond their own mundane – tribal needs.

As such, the Jewish state of Israel will not last, it will follow the same fate as Rhodesia or South Africa did under the British rule; where White Europeans had either to leave the colonial lands or adapt to the new reality under the Black government rules – because Zionist are the occupiers, they are certainly not nation builders but a mundane tribe of shortsighted, second generation children of wealthy merchants – too busy to make quick profit at someone else’s loss, in the muddy waters.

We’ve all heard the story of monkey and the crocodile; the same fate awaits the American political class who are trusting Zionists, because Jews are intelligent like Fox but Crocodiles by nature, they should not be trusted !!!

For the Palestinians, the silver lining is that Jews had never been capable to stay and build a nation of their own; they have always moved on for better opportunities elsewhere and this time is no different, so it’s just a matter of time !!!

This is the article no one read the other thread I started and I seriously doubt it will be read here- but, here it is anyway- feel free to attack me personally. I'm sure you'll feel superior in your desire to remain ignorant.

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