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May 6, 2015
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  1. Uh, buddy. Most of the rest of the Industrialized world bans or limits private gun owners. They have as much freedom as we do, they have a lot less crime and they even have credit cards.

    There really is no good reason for a civilian to own a gun. Not to fight off "Bad guys" (who are only dangerous because they have easy access to guns) and not to overthrow "bad" governments (who have bombers and tanks and missiles.....) But if you really want one, then you guys should be doing a lot more to assure the rest of us that you can keep them out of the hands of guys like Carusius and Betts.

    The People said "NO!"
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So I will end my discussion about this topic here.

I thought that the federal, state and city governments are supposed to keep their citizens safe, right? So how do these mass shootings, stabbings, box truck drive overs, burnings of houses, drunken driving killers, get taken care of? Oh yeah, murder of born and unborn babies also. I am responsible for me and my family, I am a conceal carry person, I also am a veteran, so yes, it isnt my job to be law enforcement, but if I see someone with a weapon about to go into a Walmart to do harm to others, I will make sure he only gets to fire off 1 shot. I am not like you on the left, who would run in the opposite direction, or be there with your phone taking video for youtube.
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