How We Solve the Homosexuality Puzzle

Lord Long Rod

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Jan 17, 2023
We all know that homosexuality is wrong. This is not to condemn gays. They are simply suffering from a malady. I feel empathy for them, really. Essentially, on a biological level it is the same thing as being attracted to a wall, or a tree. It is contra the biological purpose of sex.

Most likely homosexuality is the result of a genetic mutation, or damaged genetic material (possibly sustained prior to birth). Many have a moral objection to it based upon theology, and that is your prerogative (the same as it is the prerogative of Jews to disapprove of Arabs trying to murder them). But there is another reason to discourage homosexuality in society: it is counter nature.

Now, I know there are people out there who will cite instances of animal homosexuality to counter this argument. But rest assured that such an attempt is wholly invalid. The instance of animal homosexuality is statistically insignificant. Moreover, it results from the same genetic deficiencies as human homosexuality. It’s like trying to argue that cannibalism is natural because they do it in Haiti.

It is simply demoralizing to the human condition to have people running around doing what is supposed to be done between a consenting man and woman, but instead doing it yourself each other. You may think you disagree, but you have simply been conditioned to accept this unnatural act.

We certainly should love and care for these people, as they cannot help being deviants. They are handicapped. But it is absurd and cruel to normalize their behavior. It’s like normalizing transexuality, where men can have babies. The very argument counseling against gender bending also counsels against homosexuality in society. This is why I propose the final solution for homosexuality, for males anyway.

Castration. It is as simple as that. I do not think we should leave it to chemical castration either. I am talking old school castration. This will relieve those burdened with unnatural feeling of certain biological urges. Then they can live normal and prosperous lives, free to seek out a life of religious fulfillment as a servant of God, or Allah.

As mentioned, this solution will only be applicable to male homosexuality. You may ask, “But what about lesbians?” I have good news for you here. Lesbianism does not exist as a biological disorder. Women are wired much differently than men.

Women are equipped with an “Open System” that is programmed to receive and please. If a male is not going to partake of the fruit, for whatever reason, then a woman will make it available to whomever will take it. That is their biological purpose. This is why most lesbians are terribly unappealing to men. They are the culled batch.
I think they are dirty little beasts .That sticking a penis in another man's bottom is unhygenic . And other things .

But Nature has an interesting "observation" .
The greater the number of male children a woman has , the greater probability of later births being homosexual .

Of course that might be explained by environmental factors but I like to believe that Nature enjoys throwing in an odd Queer for variety and to upset the other truly "natural" males .
God's real children , as they say .

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