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How Wall Street Investors have destroyed USA Main Street


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Jan 17, 2010
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New Jersey
The Death of Anytown

Once upon a time things were prosperous in Anytown USA. There were many thriving businesses. Most of them provided goods and services for the people in the community and the surrounding region. The largest employer in the community was Widget Deluxe Factory. Widget Deluxe employed 1,500 employees—all of whom lived in Anytown. Widget Deluxe was a Wall Street corporation and its stock was traded on the NYSE. The widgets that the people made were shipped to other communities where they were then assembled with other widgets.

Mary, who worked at Widget Deluxe, had her nails done every week at Sally’s Nail Salon on Main Street. In fact, nearly all of Sally’s customers worked at Widget Deluxe. There were other Wall street-owned businesses in Anytown. For example there was a McDonalds with 30 employees. Many of the Widget Deluxe employees ate lunch there. Anytown was a bustling thriving community. And of course there were locally owned businesses as well such as Joe’s Gardening and Nursery Supplies, and Belle’s Cafe.

Then one day, over a thousand miles away in New York City, Floyd Blankhead had a brain fart. The stench of it was still lingering as he pulled out his laptop and began to powerpoint his foul inspiration. Floyd did not know anyone in who lived in Anytown. In fact, it had been years since Floyd had set foot outside of Manhattan.

Later that week, following his powerpoint presentation, a board member asked: ”But what about the people? What about the jobs that will be lost if we shut down Widget Deluxe? After all Widget Deluxe is still operating at a profit.”

Floyd airily waved the questions aside. ”Profits! Pah! What I’m talking about here is the bottom line and eliminating thousands of dollars in labor costs. Think about the benefits that our stockholders will realize if we cut the labor force by 1,500, not to mention selling off all the fixtures and the deductions that we will receive as the property deteriorates. The slack can be picked up by our Minneapolis and Buffalo operations. In this economy no one is going to complain about longer hours.”

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Jun 5, 2008
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The FREE TRADE chickenshit has come home to roost, folks.

Enjoy your cheap foreign made cha-chas while your nation goes down the economic shitter

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