How Could Anyone Sane Ask An Abolitionist GOP Govenor About Slavery, Or Welfare?!?


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Feb 22, 2009
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For Many former slaves in the United States, the alternative to slavery--which the Republicans abolished with no clear alternative--became the absolute degradation of Welfare. That is what came after "share-cropping," and "The Black Codes."

Originallly, the black slave had even money value. Subsequent Abolition, millions--incluidng blacks--learned about blacks in a different context, That learning had its iimpact! Not even the current President of the United States, technically a Democrat, is out in public, condemning the GOP for fostering Abolition!

Welfare apparently, was wonderful: And even still is(?)!

Obama: Governor's failure to mention slavery unacceptable -

So ABC News put the White House half, on a morning TV interview: And so it is back to wondering why the Virginia, GOP governor had not mentioned slavery in the Confederacy Month proclamation?! Clearly when he does, he makes it look like some kind of sin!

It is not! It is in the Bible! It is better to point out that they do not know this, at the GOP!

In both the Old and New Testaments, of the ancient and heavily irrelevant Bible of the peoples of the Western Civilizations: There are regulations about slavery, The Democrats knew this, even before Abraham Lincoln was barely alive in the sub-standard housing of Kentucky! There was sub-standard housing, for people like Abraham Lincoln! This was America, even then!

In the real world, Slavery was not abolished, planet-wide, until the FDR-advocated, United Nations--and of Eleanor Roosevelt--did so in 1955. The immediate outcome, in the United States, was apparently race riots! Some black people had figured out what the Party of Abraham Lincoln had done(?)!

The horror of Abolition was all over the TV newscasts, all created thanks to the Party of Abraham Lincoln! To listen to Presient Obama on Television, anyone might guess that more likely, actually, Eleanor Roosevelt pesonally, had destroyed the South. It was not Eleanor, It was Abe! (People do know that they were not even married!)

Even in Los Angeles, even this week, the schools of the largest school district in the United States are getting pinched in the food budget part of the program, Now either the White House will condemn anyone with an Ivy League degree for having caused that, or he will no doubt blame it on Eleanor Roosevelt--just as surely as they will, because they will look you in the eye and tell you that they were not involved!

Newt Gingrinch can call Barack Obama some kind of Socialist. Newt Gingrinch wouldn't know a credit market if they dumpted the entire $55.0 tril on his house.

For sure, they do not dump that kind of credit market on the books, anywhere near the black people's projects: And that originates of Abraham Lincoln! Republicans even like to mention that he was born in substandard, even uninspected housing himself(?)!

Democrats know that!

"Crow, James Crow: Shaken, Not Stirred!"
(Geat Trajectory of Spirited Irish-Amrican, Reagan: Knew his Hollywood, of his socialist union, the Screen Actors Guild! He had been its socialist president! Hollywood would prosper, and from the culture of youth gang violence, outcome of the Reagan-Bush Adminstrations! They had created the 55% black teen unemployment-even then, and just like now!)
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