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Hey you entitlement class blacks: I've figured out how much in reparations I owe you


Oct 23, 2013
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Wherever I May Roam
Please list each piece of legislation that gave me ANYTHING!!!!

I too had a great great great grandfather who was a white "redneck" farmer who was conscripted into the Louisiana Cavalry under Capt. Bailie Venson (Vinson's Scouts). He never owned a slave and actually competed against slave owners as a farmer (a redneck). That's the closest I have come to slavery on all sides.

There is no such thing as collective culpability.

Lol ... I had a Great-Great-Great Grandmother that was Creole
Ancestors that fought on both sides in the Civil War.
An ancestor that was a full-blooded Native American and lived with her Scottish Husband in a teepee outside of Jamestown.

But ... You see, one of my direct ancestors was William Bradford, and for that, I am just not black, red, yellow, purple or green enough for IM2.
His stupid ass just wants to call me white ... :auiqs.jpg:

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