Headline: The ‘runt’ of Trump cases now likely to be his first criminal trial

The Dainty

The Bragg case is nonsense.

Multiple counts of the same alleged crime of falsifying business records. That is required under the NY State Penal Law to be “for the purpose of” the commission of another crime.

Yet nowhere in the NY County charlatan DA’s politically motivated indictment does he or his office bother to declare what that other crime might be.

See for yourself:

The goober persecutor declines to say:

After Trump filed a “request for a Bill of Particulars,” including the specific request that the persecutor state that alleged other “crime” (or “crimes”), the persecution filed an answer:

then people denied that they were required to provide that requested material. But they did hedge a little.

View attachment 896921
Tax law. Election law. Federal Law? These are jokes. And also, not even remotely specific.

I understand why the persecution wouldn’t want to be pinned down. But, they have a lawful duty to clearly lay out the charges. It’s all about enabling a defendant to defend against the charges in any case.

I have yet to find the ruling in NY by the judge on that portion of the case.

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"NY County charlatan DA’s politically motivated"
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