Gun Canada.....increasing....


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Jul 19, 2014
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Yep....anti-gunners think that crime rates will always stay the matter that demographics and culture change.....bringing on more violence with fatherless homes and 3rd world violent men, running drug gangs..

Canada's largest city expected to set record for total shootings, victims this year
He recalled a recent community meeting where concerned parents said they've been putting their children to sleep on mattresses in bathtubs out of fear of errant gunfire.
Over the past week, police have responded to numerous shootings, including a violent Simcoe Day long weekend that left 17 people with gunshot injuries from 14 separate shootings. There have also been three shootings in one neighbourhood in suburban Scarborough since Tuesday.

Toronto on track for new shootings record
According to police statistics, Toronto is on pace to set a new annual record for total shooting incidents and victims.


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