Zone1 Four Beliefs of Christian Doctrine - What If Any are Taken Away?

usually 3 strikes and the batter is out - in this case its 4 fallacies any one of which makes christianity a fake, makebelive religion it somehow, inexplicably survives on the absolute absurdities no person in their right mind would normally ever believe.

rather the true intent of the 1st century events is the repudiation of judaism, false commandments, hereditary idolatry etc as taught by jesus and rather liberation theology, self determination as the true path to the everlasting.

You go ahead and run with that Jethro.
Christian doctrine seems to include the following beliefs:
1. Jesus was God in human form (immaculate conception);
2. Jesus performed miracles;
3. Jesus was God's blood sacrifice for our sins; and
4. Jesus physically arose from the dead.

My question is whether someone must accept all of these beliefs in order to be a Christian. What if Jesus was not immaculately conceived? What if He did not perform miracles? What if God did not demand His blood sacrifice? What if He did not physically arise from the dead?

I have always considered myself to be a Christian, but I have serious doubts as to the literal application of these beliefs. For example, how could Jesus be a man if he didn't possess X Chromosomes? From the Creator of the Universe, miracles seem like cheap card tricks. Did the New Testament God of Love really demand a human sacrifice? How would a human body physically ascend to Heaven?

Are all of these beliefs necessary to accept the authority of Christ's teachings?
Dear jwoodie, I taught Sunday School when my 2 children were in First grade and preschool, respectively. Except my church needed a teacher for fourth, fifth, and sixth grade children. In addition to our national church curriculum, I must have read the Standard and King James version cover to cover twice, when stories for children were my prime reads.

The four questions you had I do not recollect much of what is bothering you. My computer is down and my cell phone has limited online usage, and I don't recall reading some of your worrisome points are located, and I feel like I'm on a slippery slope, because you presented scenarios I can't remember finding, not ever. Did you find those points in the Bible? I never ran across passages that would answer your questions and give you some peace, so I apologize for not knowing those issues are are or are not in the Bible.

Here is what I do know the Bible says:

God created mankind in his image.

God loves human beings regardless of age, race, IQ, whether you are man or woman, etc.

God has basic behavior expectations of those who believe in Him, and his requirements are found in thr book of Micah, the Ten Commandments that he gave to Moses, and the words of Jesus who summarized the laws of God when he pointed out two requirements: (1) Love God with all your heart and (2) Love your neighbor as you love yourself.

If I were you, I would go to one of the Bible dot coms that can find answers in the scriptures. Pick a source so you can Read the correct scripture in your Bible, but read it from your own Bible. It may not be there if you picked up your line of thinking by someone who has misinterpreted a scripture. You will know that if you go to the trouble of using search engine at a Bible dot com source. And if their search engine doesn't find an answer, you will know somehow your information source may have been misinterpreted or misunderstood by whoever told you something that simply isn't there. May your search help you, and just remember, God is good, and God loves you. Call upon him, and the answer is out there somewhere, and that will hopefully give you some peace of mind.
I am sending up a prayer as soon as I post this reply for you to understand the Bible you are reading. A good starting point might be to put Sermon on the Mount in you search engine to get you started on your trust in God. Love to you jwoodie, and your loved ones, beautress

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