EL AL espionage network in South Africa


Mar 28, 2010
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“This here is a secret service operating above the law in South Africa. We pull the wool over everyone’s eyes. We do exactly as we want – the local authorities do not know what we are doing,” Jonathan Garb, former El Al security employee, who was trained by Israeli Special Forces, also revealed that non-Jewish passengers, especially ‘Blacks’ and Muslim South Africans, were given a tougher time by these foreign Israeli agents known as the Shin Bet (see a video at the bottom of this post).

Last month, Zev Krengel, Chairman of the South African Jewish Board of Deputies had approached the Zionist-regime including PM Benjamin Netanyahu to make sure the continuation of Israeli national airline EL Al direct Johannesburg-Tel Aviv flight – which the EL AL official threatened to discontinue after the recent Israeli espionage fiasco in South Africa. The South African government after the exposure of Shin Bet’s illegal activities via EL AL – refused to renew the diplomatic passports for the Israeli Airline officials. Pretoria, instead, has proposed that EL AL should open a new security company in South Africa whos employees could carry fire-arms – a proposal rejected by the Israeli airline. The South African Jewish Board of Deputies is notoriously known for its blind support for the Zionist entity.

Iqbal Jassat wrote on this subject in Media Review Net (MRN) that despite the exposure and uproar over the EL AL’s staff spying activities at South Africa’s biggest international airport, OR Tambo, last year, nothing has changed for EL AL which has ignored a deadline given by the SA government to clean up its act. “What was most damning for South Africa, was that El Al and OR Tambo “symbolize the shaky grounds of a legacy inherited from the ghostly past of apartheid”. “El Al is Israel’s national airline. OR Tambo is South Africa’s international airport in Johannesburg, previously known as Jan Smuts. It is here that until recently most people in Nelson Mandela’s beloved ‘Rainbow’ country remained blissfully ignorant of cloak and dagger operations all under the guise of ‘security’,” wrote Jassat.

Afrikan-regime in South Africa was the only government in African continent which supported World Zionist movements’ activities to establish a European Jewish state in Palestine – based on being a European colonialist power itself. It was the first African regime which recognized Israel in 1948 and later on established very close relationship between the two countries, ranging from trade, nuclear and espionage. Inspired alike by a theology of being God’s “chosen people” and by a self-appointed mission to become outposts of western civilization in dark corners of the Third World, Israel and South Africa forged the links of their alliance in a succession of events that trace back as far as 1917, when Chaim Weizmann (future president of Israel) and Jan Smuts (future prime minister of South Africa) met in London and began their collaboration.

Robert B. Ashmore in his 1988 article, titled Israel and South Africa: A Natural Alliance, wrote: “Israel is officially the “sovereign state of the Jewish people,” not of its citizens. More than 90 percent of the land is owned by the state which, by transferring resources to the Jewish National Fund and the Jewish Agency, segregate land and subsidies for the exclusive benefit of Jews. Its charter restricts the Jewish National Fund to actions that are “beneficial to persons of Jewish religion, race, or origin.”

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