Donald Trump is a Convicted Felon

Joe Biden is unelectable, everyone knows it, he's too old, too senile, and that my friends is that.

....yeah, Joe is obviously too old...
You are convicted hose job troller
Non convicted felon puts you in same category as Trump
It’s another word definition you emoters have changed to suit you wishes
Trump is a felon.

You probably are a felon.

I have had three tickets and no other interactions with law enforcement in my life as a suspect for anything, while you probably have a dozen or more run-ins with the coppers.
convicted felon Trump...
Joe Biden should not be elected because:
1. Biden is too old, obviously.
2. Biden is senile, when he got caught stealing classified documents the special prosecutor said he's too mentally incompetent to stand trial
3. Biden can't do a real press conference. That should be the new normal, keep the MSM hypocrites in the dark.
4. Biden is a pedophile, he showered with Ashley
5. Biden is a traitor, his open borders policy is a National Security disaster. He let in 100,000 Chinese, 50m,000 Russians, and who knows how many "terrorists" and criminals. I'm sure they won't do anything until after November's election, since more and more are still pouring into the US.
6. Biden is stupid, he plagreized in his younger days, Gates said he has "never been right about any foreign policy, ever"
7. Biden voted against killing Bin Laden.
8. Biden shit his pants in front of the pope.
9. Biden can't find his way off a stage
10. Biden is not a real president, he does what he is told to do by the young commies running the WH
11. I bet Biden cancels the debates, no fucking way he can answer questions extemporaneously.

The swing state polls tell the truth, Biden is unelectable, so the dems will have their convention online to avoid the rioting protestors calling him "Genocide Joe"

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