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Does "the donald" dislike himself now that he is a loser?


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Aug 12, 2011
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Avid Tamagatchi and fine-toothed comb collector Donald Trump knows a thing or two about the word "loser." Namely, Donald Trump knows when it can best be used to describe a person, place, business, television show, or thing.
For several months now, the Don has taken to Twitter to tell journalists, celebrities, and organizations his finely nuanced opinions about their work.
And to him, Jesus is a loser.
How do the evangelicals trust or follow "the donald?"
Washington – Donald Trump said Tuesday that Jesus Christ was a ‘socialist loser’ because he used to feed the poor and heal the sick.
Then Trump – the Republican presidential contender who has captured the hearts and minds of at least 20% of the nation’s Republicans – vowed:
“Believe me, Trump would never help the poor.”
“I would never give away medicine for free. Jesus was weak. Let me tell you something, Jesus is not god. He’s god because he was crucified. I like gods that weren’t crucified.”
“Perhaps he’s god, but right now, Jesus hasn’t done anything in 2000 years,” Trump added. “Jesus gets up there and starts bleeding out on the cross. Trump wouldn’t do that. He has blood coming out of his sides, his eyes, his feet, blood coming out of his wherever. Just disgusting.”
The real estate tycoon also said he didn’t like Jesus after he found out that he used to give away free healthcare to the poor.
“I never liked Jesus after that, because I don’t like socialist losers,” Trump said. “He’s as weak as Bernie Sanders.”
“I just don’t respect Jesus as a savior,” Trump said of Jesus. “I have no respect for him. I don’t think he’s very good at being a deity. He never owned any casinos, he never married models like I have. I think Jesus is highly overrated.”

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