Cops: "You're gonna have to defend yourselves"


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Mar 23, 2019
"You're gonna have to fight back, you're gonna have to defend yourselves (while we are on the way)"

I heard that on the "news" this morning from the 911 tapes of a shooting in Kirkersville Ohio 2 years ago, for whatever reason the station hasn't posted the story on their website yet but it's WBNS in Columbus Ohio, so you can look it up if you want to, it was at a nursing home and I'm sure a "gun free zone".

"Huddle in place, find somewhere to hide, we're on the way".

I suppose an enterprising McGyver type could have whipped together a few things to defend everyone with at a nursing home, maybe threatened the guy with a hot coffee enema I suppose.

Everyones just lucky the shooter shot himself after 3 victims rather than continuing on for a while.

I'm just not really sure how people are supposed to "defend themselves" these days while cops are "on the way" because they are never, NEVER there at the scene when it happens, ever.

Maybe the staff could have threatened him with half a grapefruit? Another re-run of Laverne and Shirley? Sit through the showcase with everyone else and bet tomorrows brownie over the closest bid?

Just not sure what could be used....a tool that has both stopping power and length of range to keep a safe distance from the scumbag while making sure what he is currently occupying himself with stops immediatly.....not sure what's appropriate even though the cops DID say "defend yourselves while we are on the way".

Fling one of yesterdays pancakes at him and hope it takes an eye out?

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New police motto - To protect the politicians we serve.
Well, if it is a gun free're kinda limited in what you can suggest people do.
I'm career military and we were encouraged to 'shelter in place' during an active shooting incident. The reasons are the same as military bases tend, unless your job requires it (Security Forces) to be gun free zones.
Another crock of shit. The first meatheads to be disarmed before the steroid monsters in blue take over.
Just like the 66 yeer old DMZ. Meatheds everywhere( stoned) driving around pretending to be badasses. Rocket mans boys are armed to the teeth. They could whip your ass before the drunks in Christmas decorations could be awoken to open the pow pow storage areas.Rocket boy only need wait an hour after they leave the officers clubs, One and a half if they had hookers with them.

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