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911 tapes

  1. justinacolmena

    Private mall security with too much intelligence

    AT&T® Official Site - Phone Plans, Internet Service, & TV - It's Ma Bell at the local shopping mall. The monopoly is back. The Federal Communications Commission cartel. EAVESDROPPING // WIRETAPPING Sec. 42.20.310. Eavesdropping. – The Alaska Legal Resource Center SEX TRAFFICKING //...
  2. Frankenvoter

    Cops: "You're gonna have to defend yourselves"

    "You're gonna have to fight back, you're gonna have to defend yourselves (while we are on the way)" I heard that on the "news" this morning from the 911 tapes of a shooting in Kirkersville Ohio 2 years ago, for whatever reason the station hasn't posted the story on their website yet but it's...

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