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  • Ok, i Don't want to ask a moderator , I miss him very much but I would like to know.
    Hello mindful, happy new year to you, i have a question for you do you know if Marion will be back at the forum soon ?
    Hi Dalia. Happy New Year to you too!

    I have no idea if and when Marion will be be back. Or even what terrible 'crime' he committed, to earn a ban for so long.
    Ahh PM function. Thanks!!..I keep getting banned from that Misty and AL for anything. That is the only board in my internet life I ever posted...11 years of service. People say worse than I do there but my crap always gets highlighted. This music board here is fantastic plus so many topics to talk about...You and Cyndy are the typical nice Conserv women......Thank you both
    I just thought I'd I'd drop by, look around and Now I have a quizzing, your military picture, what's up with that, I ask because my youngest daughter is in the military and I guess I'm nosey..
    "(You have insufficient privileges to reply here.)" Anyway, at this point in time I can barely type let alone ask you the question that was so prescient at the moment. Greetings!
    You know their vile Quran too - disgusting isn't it. worst yet is idiots wanting to let Islam stay here
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