CNN fake History to go along with it's fake News


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Jun 19, 2009
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Who are their researchers at CNN?
It's just propaganda and borrowed mistakes, no investigative reporting or research to help uncover new findings that rewrite mistaken history. The CNN special on the History of Jesus makes it's first graven error by regurgitating the old Herod killed babies story to stop baby Jesus from being born.
This was a Roman tactic to demonize the enemy king just as the Dems demonize the Republican Presidents. The actuality is the story comes from King Jannaeus era where Yeshu ben Pandera son of Mary of 100bc fled as a youngster towards Egypt to avoid the persecution of Pharisee during the revolt. No babies were slaughtered but Pharisee were hung up.
There is 0 historical reference to Herod killing babies, this would be liken to CNN never covering Trump doing such a news worthy act.
This shows you that you can't get your info from one side only, especially the controlling subversive side known as the adversary accusers hinderers(sawtawn) of the righteous elect.(sound familiar?)

Jesus can't be a Baby or missionizing at the time of King Herod and Lysanias or around the time of census as per NT.
Lysanias died in 35bc, Herod in 4bc, census was 7bc which is why they moved the mythical character back to 6bc birth and hoped people wouldn't be interested enough or notice Lysanias desth date as the spoiler.
So how can you claim this huge production of a figure you claim in history who actually is a compiled figure and not historical at all? How can you use a non historical non Hebrew name for your historical narative?
How can you botch historical accuracy for that of plagiarizing former propaganda?
This info is readilly available for their lazy researchers. There is no excuse.
CNN now creates fake history to go along with it's fake news.
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