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Clinton Emails Could Help ex-NSA Contractor Who Took Terabytes Home, Attorneys Say


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Mar 9, 2014
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Waiting on the Cowardly Dante!!
Only "LittlePeople" get locked up for less crime than the Hildebeast committed!

In the four years Hillary Clinton sent and received State Department correspondence using a private and insecure email system, Harold T. Martin III allegedly stockpiled classified information inside his Maryland home and an unlocked shed.

Martin faces charges for alleged theft of government documents and mishandling classified information that carry up to 11 years in prison, and he’s been behind bars since his August arrest....

Defense attorneys for prominent whistleblowers, accused leakers and careless clearance-holders say that unless more damning evidence emerges they could see Martin making a successful plea for leniency by pointing to the Justice Department’s decision this summer not to prosecute Clinton.

(Excerpt) Read more at usnews.com ...

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