Censorship in College


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Mar 25, 2004
Near Atlanta, GA
Why is it, that in a country that was founded on individual rights and civil liberties, that the places designed for the free exchange of ideas are the same places that find the most strict adherants to censorship.


This has become a day when hurt feelings matter more that God-given natural rights or even common sense. Not just any hurt feelings, either, only the hurt feelings of a member of a minority group. Take this example:

At the University of Wisconsin, for example, a black student testified in defense of the faculty speech code, complaining bitterly that a professor had used the word “niggardly” while teaching Chaucer. “I was in tears,” she said. “It’s not up to the rest of the class to decide whether my feelings are valid.”

Not only is this a gross violation of the First Ammendment, but that student should be offended more by his lack of education and limited vocabulary than anything the teacher said.

Universities should be champions of free speech, but instead are becoming the beacheads for those who wish to suppress all other views.

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