Censorship ensures more wars


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Dec 12, 2013
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Worst thing about censorship is it insulates us from reality. Allowing negative things to pervade the world unchecked but for pretending they don't exist.

The people complaining in the 80s about offensive music lyrics did the music, and soon-to-be videogame industry a favor pushing for warning labels. Instead of the industry regulating themselves, now they could release any content they like just by sticking an 'adults only' sorta label onto things.

With modern censorship we don't see real horror as occurs in war so have a false understanding of it. Some athlete suffers a compound fracture and everyone blurs it so you can't see what they're talking about. News programs' live-delays prevent seeing death on tv, blurring prevents seeing a woman's nipples (yet strangely men's are ok,) and they're blurring even animated genitalia and breasts. Saw an episode of American Dad recently where the ET-like alien was in drag with fake breasts and they black barred it! Were people having arrousing thoughts about Roger the Alien? :)

When we get censored reality, the horror of some things goes unnoticed and unchallenged. If we don't see the horror of war we're like the 2-planet system in the original Star Trek having a centuries long war but now use computers and simulated casualties with people reporting like sheep to suicide booths instead of using real bombs. War became sanitized and 'civilized' so why stop it? Now we're doing the very same thing through censorship and drones. If none of our side is hurt or killed, and no one has to look at American soldiers shot and blown apart, it's much easier to nod like sheep every time the government needs to get rid of old bombs and buy shiny new ones.

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