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  • I think Westwall censored your post just for a simple disagreement with him. Mod abuse! I just got hit, my whole thread instead of the lady who flipped with personal attack they censored the thread instead.
    This isn't the first time, who is westwall and is there an owner of this forum who can rein them in?
    When this occurs we're not going to be ready as we would with the right infrastructure in space. Secondly, I think we can do both and come out in the long term far better off.
    We're already having a massive extinction event in the fauna. The question really should be do we have much of a choice??? We focus on our small planet to bring up our species...Well, we're likely going to destroy other important things like the food chain and run out of resources like rare metals.
    Yes, lets kill every animal on our planet as we rip up and clear cut the tops of all of our mountains for these resources. Why destroy our home when we have the same resources in the asteroids, mercury and mars to use instead???
    Hey what does OP stand for next to ur name?
    'Original Post' Will appear that way in every first post in a thread. Whoever starts the thread is the OP writing the first post to it.
    Cookie Day! Got my first 'command performance' too from one of the kids. Party for about 30 and needs cookies. :) "Not a problem."
    Ok, now I know why ya never see Mickey Mouse cookies. If what's sistting on the cookie sheet are mouse ears it's s mutant mouse.
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