If you were trying to destroy a country, what would you do differently?

America has been under attack for over a century. We have all been living in a perpetual state of war. Going back as far as the 1800's. Allowing people true freedom is dangerous to those hell bent on control. The ultimate Narcissists. That is why it has taken humans 10,000 years to crawl out of mud huts.

From the usurpation of our currency (1913), to the destructing of generational wealth through the seizure of assets (gold) from the populace, the denial of true ownership rights of property, to the forced medication through water fluoridation, forced indoctrination through schools both public and private, Plus Americans are the sickest, most medicated population in human history. Countless wars that frankly have done nothing to actually help Americans. We are told we are a peaceful nation, and yet we have military bases in 150 countries. WW2, Vietnam, Korea, Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, ect what have any of these conflicts that has cost Americans trillions of our wealth, our sons and daughters, what have these wars done to actually help America?

Nothing. America is a bully. Regime change is when America assassinates the leaders of another country. How is that not an act of war?

Most of us reading this acknowledge that our governments, from the village board, to the town, city, county, state and federal is all corrupt. Too many of us, have turned a blind eye to our 'leadership' and have gained this blind trust for Govt that is frightening. You can usually tell how a person votes based upon what someone says, how they walk, act ect. Its pretty remarkable once you see it. But don't think Republicans aren't just as corrupt. The issues we have facing our nations today is that our governments have unofficially, declared open war on their people. While they are not shooting at us yet, that is coming. After all why would the US Post Office need billions upon billions of rounds of ammo? Same with the FDA, the Dept of Ed, ect... nothing to see here move along.

Why would a government allow violent criminals back out onto the streets with in hours, after committing a violent act, if the purpose is not to terrorize people?

NYS is set to close and release 5 prisons!

When our governments tell us that China and Russia are bad, while at the same time seizing our property, destroying our businesses, and killing our families, using forced medical experimentation, massive censorship... We are better than China and Russia how?

Everyone sees our governments are corrupt, and yet there is this strange mental block with people where they are unable or unwilling to see that these same corrupt entities, have corrupted our elections. No body is voting for these people. What will it take for you, to actually realize that? If those corrupt are genuinely removed from power they risk going to prison! So why wouldnt they corrupt the very thing that will keep them safe?!

The West, no longer has 'free and fair' elections, especially if the MSM is touting such. After all its the same media that declared all small businesses must close - "2 weeks to flatten the curve" = 3-6months illegal closure = bankruptcy, the vaccine that doesnt work, is "safe and effective", and now our elections are 'Free and Fair" and yet theres zero transparency, and questioning any outcome of any election makes you a bad person.

NYS lost 65% of its hospitality businesses between 2020-2021. They were forced into bankruptcy by the state! And banks? Banks began refusing to loan to small businesses deemed non essential by govt. And yet no one has been held accountable.

Victim blaming is another form of brainwashing. And covid really brought that out in people. It also showed who people really are. Remember the violence maskers dished out against anti-maskers?

Questioning the Govt's actions especially when it falls under the "for your safety" umbrella is now considered a social crime. Buffalo NY just got buried in 6 feet of snow, naturally the local govts put in place travel bans, reading some of the comments on social media its astounding how dumb people are. Suddenly only govt approved industries are 'essential' namely govt. Everyone else must stay home. And according to the alerts put out by the govt, even snowmobiles were deemed 'illegal' by govt fiat. After all it isn't a 'driving ban' it was a 'travel ban'

Many will discount this as a simple oversight, but this is NY, when they mean you can not travel they mean it, and that includes snowmobiles. because its snowing. Right to travel? Only if Poppa Govt says its ok.

The reason republicans seem to always get wrapped up in scandal's is because they are as corrupt as democrats. However democrat's use the media as a weapon to take eyes off their shenanigan's by pointing at their criminal partner and claiming hes the guilty one!! I am innocent! Its a distraction aimed at further dividing the nation and the populace.

The Govt, and the MSM has done a swell job at dividing people. We are divided among all kinds of bullshit: race, sex, sexual orientation, wealth, perceived wealth, success, perceived success, education, life experiences, vaxxed, unvaxxed, mask, anti mask, pro small business, pro govt, guns, no guns, healthcare, no healthcare, ect ect ect Our govt is using divide and conquer techniques.

We are not importing the 3rd world into western countries because we genuinely want to help people. We are importing these people to destroy the host country. Look at Europe - a 3rd world shit hole who has had its culture decimated by muslims.

Happening now in America by the grace of our benevolent govt that only wants to 'keep us safe'

The same govt that will be seizing private property under imminent domain and civil asset forfeiture laws, to house the criminal invaders. If you resist, the govt will execute you. Thats next.

All those homes that blackrock and vanguard purchased that are now sitting empty/being rented? Many will be used to house illegals, using money stolen through violence from the peasantry.

Its been a slow process, but the communists have just about toppled America. In 2005, there was an estimated 20-25 million illegals in the US, however 20 years later, magically there is still only 20-25 million illegals in the US? Given how much our government lies, and the MSM lies, I bet illegals are 1 in 3 in America. 100+ million how is that not an invasion? How is that not an act of war by government? How is that not the purposeful destruction of a country?

And these people are not grateful to be here, or to be given the opportunity to succeed. No, they DEMAND you wait upon them. They demand you bow to them as they are royalty, and your just the stupid peasant paying their bill. You should be grateful to have such high class criminal in your town! That is their attitude. Deal with a few illegals on a face to face level and you will see these people are not good for us, and our government is clearly trying to destroy us by bringing them here. In fact its a criminal act by our govt...

U.S. Const, Art. IV, Sec. 4 ("The United States SHALL ... protect each [State] against invasion")U.S. Const., Art. II, Sec. 3 (“[The President] SHALL take Care that the Laws be faithfully executed.”)8 USC 1325 ("Any alien who (1) enters or attempts to enter the United States . . . SHALL . . . be fined . . . or imprisoned . . . or both")8 USC 1324 (”Any person who…(iv) encourages or induces an alien to come to, enter, or reside in the United States…; or (v)(I) . . . conspir[es]…or (II) aids or abets [these] acts, SHALL be punished…for each alien.”)8 USC 1324 ("Any person who . . . conceals, harbors, or shields [an] alien . . . SHALL be imprisoned not more than 5 years.”)

And instead of Law Enforcement upholding the law, they arrest those who ask questions or those who protest

So I ask, if you were going to destroy a country, with out sparking a violent civil uprising, what would you do differently?

In the 1920's they removed iodine from salt and replaced it with bromine. The difference? Iodine helps cognitive ability, increases IQ, and does a bunch of other helpful things for humans. Bromine? suppresses all that.

Fluoride in the water? America is alone on water fluoridation. Sold to Americans using the American Dental Association... the same association who's entire existence depends upon cavities. What better way to ensure repeat business than to destroy teeth? And anyone who speaks out against it is summarily destroyed. Remember covid? Covid awakened millions to the fuckery of our medical system and how our prized medical system is used to hurt and kill us rather than to heal and help us, while charging us the absolute most amount of money in the entire world...
Most people I feel, are too stupid to actually look up the effects of fluoride. Fluoride is a topical treatment with marginal benefits to teeth. That crap in the water is actually classified as toxic waste, but hey its good for you! Recommended by the esteemed ADA!! One of the benefits of fluoride, is that it makes people DOCILE. Remember the big push that started about 25 years ago about how EVERYONE must drink MORE water? And then suddenly everyone has a water bottle! Now we drink gallons of water every day and quietly bitch in our social circles about the destruction of our country.

Ever wonder why in Europe they have massive Riots when the government farts funny? Yet crickets from Americans? Could it be that Americans have been heavily drugged into almost a comatose like state through the expansive use of psychotropic drugs like fluoride? Breathing in steamed fluoride, like when you take a shower is 'safe and effective'

After all isn't that the American way? Pay the absolute most money for the absolute worst service?

Covid was so bad, hospitals were posting dance videos to youtube. Would covid have even existed had it not been for the MSM?

During covid, Americas were introduced to expendable segments of the population. If your a small business owner you are expendable. The fact that your going bankrupt because the govt is demanding thousands of dollars in taxes from you while at the same time fining your thousands of dollars for the crime of trying to work is of no consequence. And complaining about it, makes you a bad person. When you have $10,000 a month in bills $500/week from the government is a slap in the face.

Notice how no one has gone to jail over what occurred during covid? That is because our govts are above the law. That is why Trump must be destroyed. He is a peasant, who attempted to enter govt. Peasants are not allowed in govt. After all we are peasants. We are to be ruled, not governed.

We have 1 page worth of rules for our government (The Constitution) yet the government has millions of pages of rules for us - then tells us that ignorance of the law is no excuse while they use our rules as toilet paper. We must use their 'courts' and abide by their rules whenever they want to destroy us.

Most people havent a clue what a Jury of your peers means. Its not 8-12 random people pulled of the street like the government forces us to accept.

If you were trying to destroy a country, what would you do differently? Personally the plan put in place to destroy America, is phenomenal! Imagine what America would be capable of, if our govt worked for us, instead of trying to kill us.

You will own nothing and be happy.

In 2024, 99.9% of Americans already own nothing. What do you own? Your phone is leased, your car is leased, credit cards, personal loans, you are forbidden from outright owning real estate even if you paid cash for it, your merely leasing it from the government.

What do you own? Nothing.
I wouldn't. The effort to hopelessly divide this country has successfully destroyed it
Well that was quite a rant, and some of it is accurate, some of it not. Your last statement is complete nonsense. There are many many millions of Americans who have earned a large amount of debt free wealth through hard work and wise money management myself included.

I am sorry if you are not one of those. For all it's problems there isn't a country I would rather be a citizen of than the USA. I just want the current regime to be deposed since they are clearly dedicated to installing China as the world number one superpower.

Yep, I don't lease anything, I own my phones and cars, I do use credit cards, but they pay me to use them with cash back, I haven't paid interest or fees on a credit card in decades. I do have a 2.25% mortgage on one of my three properties, which is lower than the rate of inflation, so the mortgage company is losing as well. Everyone could do the same if they get their heads out of their proverbial asses.

Well, all you want is to have duly elected government deposed.

If you're suggesting 'deposing' then are you suggesting by force of arms or perhaps voluntarily?
What a joke! No other country would suit you, but you just have to depose your government!

xiden will be deposed come Jan as a result of the constitutional process called an election.

I wouldn't do anything really different.

You can't destroy a country like america quickly, you have to rot it from the inside out slowly. Go too quickly and people will notice. But if you go slowly then people will gradually get used to it as it goes.

If you throw a live frog in boiling water it will jump out. But if you put it in cool water and gradually turn up the heat it will sit there till it's been boiled to death.

That's an old wives tale, when the water starts getting hot the frog will get out of Dodge.

You just want the current regime (government) deposed.

And than I'm the liar!

Go play with a loaded gun.
FOAD ChiCom shill. If you happen to post anything true it's probably by accident.

Your entire setup here is based on deception. You ARE a liar. Your persona is a liar.

You are full of pure D shit. I bet your name goes like "Xiangiou Fung" or

something like that. :rolleyes-41:
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FOAD ChiCom shill. If you happen to post anything true it's probably by accident.

Your entire setup here is based on deception. You ARE a liar. Your persona is a liar.

You are full of pure D shit. I bet your name goes like "Xiangiou Fung" or

something like that. :rolleyes-41:
You are generally describing yourself, Duke.
You are generally describing yourself, Duke.

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