CaSINO Republicans, What a concept?

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Nov 30, 2003
North Missisippi
The jerks that promote WAR, the jerks that encourage turning our social safety-net over to the gamblers of Wall-Street, the jerks that give environment over to the money changers, the jerks that exploit the civilization yet deny any responsibilities for the shortcomings, the jerks that would relinquish our health care desicions to the absolute trust of the insurance industries and the jerks that would change our laws to further subjugate our freedoms to ill-advised and ill-informed other jerks are quite simply CaSINO Republicans in my view.

CaSINO, Conservative and Scripturalist In Name Only, Republicans will be the DEATH of America as you and I know it.

The present WAR ON IRAQ is only the starting point for the CaSINO Republicans. I intend to stop them and share some truth amongst the otherwise nonbelievers.

Psycho you are just trolling for fights and we don't allow that here, you know it, you've been here plenty long enough to know better.

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