Canada slips — again — in latest ranking of world's most competitive economies


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Aug 6, 2012
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You have to understand, over a decade ago I ratted out a number of dirty covert operatives working for various police agencies. My message then was simple, in fact, I have the emails copied, "engaging in this illegal conduct in U.S corporations is going to hurt our relationship with our largest trading partner, and, in turn, drastically hurt our competitiveness".

I even went so far as to directly point out our global competitiveness ranking and say "as time goes on, it will only be lowered".

I stick by these premises even as Canadian police try to misrepresent and fabricate facts. For the record, I have no criminal record nor allegations against me, though some covert clowns have worked hard to try and destroy my family and I to protect their own lying asses.

This is the end result of an abusive system of liars and crooks who are supposed to be the "Good Guys. Ontario is a graveyard for companies and these low performing undercovers are a primary reason why:

Posthaste: Canada slips — again — in latest ranking of world’s most competitive economies

Canada is losing its competitive edge, according to the World Economic Forum’s latest Global Competitiveness Index published this morning. The country slipped two places from last year’s survey to end as the world’s 14th most competitive economy, eclipsed by fellow developed nations United States, Germany, United Kingdom, Sweden and Japan — among others. Canada had slipped two places in last year’s survey, too.

“Canada’s economy has been hit by external shocks stemming from global trade tensions. The less favourable economic environment has been reflected in somewhat more negative business leaders’ views across several dimensions,” the WEF said. “For instance, Canadian business leaders have revised down their assessment on two important aspects of competition: competition in services (where it ranks 62nd, losing 2.5 points in score and falling 18 places in rank), and the labour market (it ranks 54th on internal labour mobility, falling 25 places over 2018 and losing almost 4 points in score).”

The WEF recommends improving ICT adoption, innovation capabilities if Canada is to emerge as a technological powerhouse.

“Further improvements in mobile broadband infrastructure and usage (67th), greater investments in R&D (23rd) and collaboration between companies, universities and research centres (15th) would benefit Canada’s competitiveness going forward,” WEF said.


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Aug 15, 2012
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Aren't the Western Provinces getting tired of kowtowing to Quebec and supporting the Maritimes?

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