Blacks for Trump Trending On X

Remember 2020, when every Trump cultist here was talking about how "walkaway" meant DemocratsWereDoomed?

We do.

You are aware Democrats have pissed off just about most of America, right?

From everywhere. Ghetto to the suburbs to the estates to the farms, baby. Democrats have pissed them off.
Biden can post a response "They ain't Black" Race Hustlers from CNN and MSNBC will tell you how they are traitors, Uncle Toms and house Negroes.

It's just another season of "Black people not doing what the Democratic party demands of minorities."
You guys are race hustling with this.
Blacks would be stupid to vote republican.
You people say the same thing about anyone who doesn’t vote how you tell them to vote. Blacks who are not voting for a man who tells them they are no longer Black are sick and tired of being treated like a vote and not a person by Democrats.

It’s time to disrupt Lyndon Johnson’s 200-Year Plan.
You guys are race hustling with this.

ooh that song is tight.

Trump should have a really good musical line up this year for his presidential convention. Especially with the Republican National Convention being held in Milwaukee they need to in bring the rappers for the musical line up.

Years ago Justin Bieber turned Trump down when asked to perform at the RNC, now the black rappers are turning Trump up!

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