Biden's campaign will focus on Jan 6

God the uninformed left, Fentanyl deaths idiot.

It's not the left. It's Trump supporters. The uneducated ones.

less-educated Whites have been especially hard hit in recent economic times. Case and Deaton referred to the increased deaths linked to overdoses, suicides, and alcoholism in working class Whites as “deaths of despair.

Remember before Bush sent all their good paying jobs overseas? Those uneducated whites were doing fine. But when those union jobs left, we all knew those losers would never find jobs that paid as well as the jobs they lost. But ff to today and you're trying to blame Democrats for this white economic despair? HA!

Another thing that I find funny. These whites looked down on blacks for this kind of behavior. Before the hard times hit them. Now we see they act like n*&#rs too.

By Paul Bedard Washington Examiner

President Joe Biden is expanding his effort to hang the Jan. 6 Capitol riots around former President Donald Trump’s neck.

Just days after he released an ad narrated by Trump critic and actor Robert De Niro titled “Snapped,” his campaign announced plans on Tuesday to field three of the U.S. Capitol Police officers who faced off with the protesters at Biden campaign rallies.

It is part of the president’s effort to portray Trump as erratic and a “threat” to democracy.

It comes as more believe that Biden is a bigger threat to democracy than Trump, who has claimed that the Democrat is weaponizing the government to undermine his campaign.

Biden and the Dems are beating a dead horse.
Most people have moved on.
People have rejected the crazy Democrat Jan 6 Insurrection Conspiracy Theory.
They are just annoying everyone with it now.
Interesting election where voter's main concerns are high prices, wars, and illegal immigration but Biden wants to ignore all of those issues and claim that if Trump is elected, democracy will be over.
Pretty sad if murdering an unarmed woman
The biggest tragedy of Ashli Babbit was that there weren't 500 to 1,000 more dead MAGAts.
IF ONLY Nancy Pelosi had activated those federal troops huh?
and locking up protestors in a DC Gulag
Actually they are in good care. Well taken care of.
Personally I wish they could have been lined up beside earthen pits, shot in the head, kicked in, and buried anonymously by bulldozers but hey.....this is America right? Even vermin get 3 square meals and a cot.
for years is your only claim to your administration's "greatness".....Yeah, go ahead and run with that.....Need any help?
Yeah. Help out here.
Go crawl back under the turd you crawled out from vermin.
The Democrat Party's crazy version of "democracy" means a one party autocracy
Don't forget the part about breeding the white, redneck, regressive gene out of the pool and replacing it with a new master race of beautiful, superior, brown and black skinned American voters.
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