Bahrain - Trouble ahead


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Mar 22, 2012
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I never knew in the past that the majority in Bahrain were Shia. Looks like they are not too happy with the Sunni royalty. I mainly thought of Bahrain as the financial hub for the oil-rich states and a place where foreigners could stop into a bar for a drink.

Trouble ahead

The government is poisoning the well
Dec 14th 2013 | MANAMA

SOON there will be no empty walls in the villages west of Manama, capital of the tiny island kingdom of Bahrain. Graffiti calling for the king’s overthrow are crossed out by the authorities every day, only to reappear somewhere else, until the walls are entirely covered by black splodges. Police vehicles sit at the entrance to every village. Even in the shiny, built-up areas of Manama many residents grumble. “There is no freedom, no justice and no democracy,” complains one man.

Bahrain, where a Sunni monarchy has long ruled over a Shia majority, saw a brief flickering of Arab spring protests in February 2011. The biggest were brutally put down with the help of troops from neighbouring Saudi Arabia. Yet smaller protests have continued. Violent clashes erupted on December 6th when the government hosted a jamboree of security and military officials from the region (Bahrain’s 40-person delegation included people close to the Shia opposition). Youths in several villages threw stones and Molotov cocktails; security forces lobbed back tear gas and sound bombs.

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Feb 17, 2012
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Ismaili 50-60%, 25% Sunni, the rest other

more or less


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Jun 20, 2012
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Bahrain is another location in the islamist Middle East where the sunni/wahabbi/salafist vs. shia hate-fest has been smoldering and not so long ago flared into a raging bonfire. Back in 2011, (link below), the KSA sent troops into Bahrain to prop up the sunni oppressors.

The sunni/wahabbi/salafists have been jihadin’ the bejeezus out of the shia for the last 15 years as shia Iran has been humiliating the majority sunni in the power and influence game. It’s gotten so bad that following countries met on January 7, 2005 to discuss their fear of a Shia "Crescent" that will run from Iran through Iraq to Lebanon via Syria. They are: Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Turkey. They will be the primary jihadis in the coming splode-fest that will eventually reach beyond the little dalliance of an internecine war taking place in Syria.

Gulf states send forces to Bahrain following protests

BBC News - Gulf states send forces to Bahrain following protests
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