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  • Hey Sally, sorry if I offended you with that Nuke comment. I tried to remove it from the board but I guess I was too late. It is TOO EASY to get all hyped up on these boards. Way too easy. But yes that was distasteful. Way too easy. All this going back and forth. Time to back off a little. Sorry about that. You get a little amped up now and again also but there are limits right?
    Hi ----I noticed a little interchange between you and coyote on "islam in Australia" (Australia) yesterday-
    It was funny-----she told you to get a job because she
    has a problem with your posts TOO FACTUAL.
    MUST YOU ANNOY coyote and her fellows with
    Sally it's me----rosie. hi. I am banned from Israel/pali board but have been reading
    your debate with the jerk AMITY (emnity) ------She asserted "it has been proven that today's
    Palestinians are descended from the ancient Hebrews" <<<< of course not a true statement.

    You did note that she does not really cite primary sources----just interpretations by
    propagandaists. I am curious---could you ask her to name a geneticist who has stated
    or a professional journal which states 'there is genetic proof that today's Palestinians
    descended from the ancient Hebrews' She is damned annoying
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