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Armed homeowner foils home invasion


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Jun 20, 2006
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San Diego, CA
Crooks who merely want to steal stuff from a house, usually wait till the house is unoccupied. Sounds like this bunch had other plans.

If the homeowner hadn't had a gun of his own, do you suppose the girl would be dead by now? Or merely raped a few times? It's even possible that they would have simply slipped the rings off her fingers and taken her purse. Maybe.

Or would the crooks have courteously allowed the homeowner to call 911 so the cops could handle it?



Would-be robbers outgunned at LaFollette home

by MATT LAKIN, lakinm@knews.com
January 11, 2007

Two Campbell County men toting a pellet gun picked the wrong house to rob Tuesday night when the homeowner grabbed a pistol and opened fire, authorities said. "They brought a BB gun to a real gunfight," LaFollette Police Department Detective Jeff Allen said.

Paul Lee Bourff was in stable condition Wednesday night at the University of Tennessee Medical centre in Knoxville. Police said Charles Green shot him in the chest as Bourff and Robert Wayne Evans, 24, held Green's girlfriend at gunpoint in his living room at 905 E. Hemlock St. in LaFollette.

The pair knocked at Green's door around 7:45 p.m., said Allen, the detective. His girlfriend, Sonya Dople, answered the door.

"When she opened the door, they stuck the gun up to her forehead," Allen said. "They came inside and told her to get on the floor."

Green stepped into the living room, and Bourff pointed the pellet gun at him, the detective said. Green grabbed a real gun - a .38 pistol - from under a table and pulled the trigger, Allen said.

The men ran down the street to a neighbor's home and asked for help, police said. An ambulance carried Bourff to the hospital, and a helicopter airlifted him to UT Medical centre.

Police took Evans to jail, where he remained Wednesday night. Evans and Bourff face charges of attempted aggravated robbery, aggravated burglary and two counts of aggravated assault, police said.

Green won't be charged in the shooting.

[That last sentence is the best news of all. Finally a little common sense prevails -LA]


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Sep 20, 2005
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Wow thats awesome! :clap2: (where's the gunshooting smilie?)

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