Zone1 Are There Prophets Around Today?

MSM is ramping up the Anti Bibi Mishegoss To Stratospheric levels . ( With Talking heads and Anchors openly advocating for Regime Change in Israel 😆🤣😝

Christian International School of the Prophets is designed to train people who are called to the prophetic. We have developed a program that teaches the core principles of what it is to be a prophet.

Christian International has a long standing tradition of raise up prophets and prophet people in the character of Christ. This program will challenge you to come into alignment with your calling, seek the Lord to hear from Him on a regular basis, grow in godly character and wisdom, and demonstrate what you are learning.

Revelation 16: 12

This passage is about the preparation of defeat for Jerusalem. Euphrates is a historical reference to being conquered by surprise (the way Cyrus conquered Babylon), and as a metaphor to show how God will bring judgment when we are not expecting it.... for instance the fall of Jerusalem in 70 A.D.

This also about fulfilling Daniel’s vision and the beginning of the Kingdom of God. The troops that took siege of Jerusalem, according to Josephus, came from the region of the Euphrates.

Frogs are seen as unclean and represent unclean Jerusalem or the allies of the Roman armies, why God destroyed it, and who he used. Kings of the earth and Armageddon are seen as symbolic for God being “pregnant” with judgment and ready to give birth to it as Elijah demonstrated near the same location when he defeated the false prophets on Mt. Carmel. Some see it as the destruction of Jerusalem .

Come like a thief is seen as surprise as the Jewish leadership led to their doom (Matt. 16:28). It is done is the anticipation and finality of Jerusalem .

Some in this camp see this as Jerusalem because of the apostasy. Hundred pounds is seen as the siege engines that Rome used.

Not China... Persia. Look at the first century.

In 40 BC, taking advantage of the triumvirs' preoccupation with Sextus Pompeius' Sicilian revolt, King Orodes II of Parthia ordered an invasion of Syria. The Parthian general Barzapharnes invaded Judea, captured Jerusalem, and deposed King Hyrcanus II, replacing him with the puppet ruler Antigonus II Mattathias.
Israeli Cultural Revolution - Passion For The Temple | The Imaginative Force | Prophetic Cinema

"Those of vast grasping,
their force of imagination is great and very exalted." - Rabbi Kook

At least among us Jews, those who have a grasp of knowledge,
are those of great imagination. And then there's great daring,
in their descriptions, their thoughts.

We can see this among the prophets.
We can also see this among Kabbalists.
The terminology is full of imaginative power.

Which causes superficial people to think all these folks are confused and need psychiatric hospitalization. But they don't need any, they are entirely normal people. With that, they have great imaginative power, breaking many borders.

In the scientific field, until Psychoanalysis none of this was known. The Freudian psychoanalysis revealed great depths within the human subconscious, symbolic thinking.
Also later, Jung has many observations of this kind - the collective unconscious...the ocean of souls.

So, "those of vast grasping, their force of imagination is great and very exalted, and it's connected with visions that are more general in reality. And according to their courage,
and purity of their spirit, the imaginative power enacts itself through them. To draw exalted imaginations, that the light of the high truth reveals by them. In such revelations that no logical mind can reach".

What does Rabbi Kook want from us? That we are not to be scared of meeting people
of such imaginative force, that we don't think it's a shortcoming, moreover - it is an advantage.

Possibly Rabbi Kook wants something else, besides not being scared to meet such people, rather Rabbi Kook tells You: "Maybe You, the reader, You are one of these great people,
that You don't get scared seeing You have imaginative power that is great ,
use it for these sacred purposes.".

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Religious people don't understand faith

Just wondering because it seems like all the prophecies that I've been having lately have been coming true and I want to know what others around here think.


There's Julie Greene.

Mastriano is tied to a religious movement called the New Apostolic Reformation, which seeks to refashion the world, biblically, to hasten the end times. Many NAR adherents are also Christian Nationalists, who believe America was divinely founded and should be governed according to the moral code of Jesus’ chosen people.

NAR Christians believe we’re living in an age of new apostles and prophets who receive revelations directly from God. Green is an emerging star in this movement. And Mastriano is fan of her prophesies — in particular that his political bid has God’s backing — calling her divinations “on target.”

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