Another top Al Qaeda terrorist captured


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Sep 20, 2005
Also Friday, the U.S. military announced that American-led coalition forces captured a senior member of al Qaeda in Iraq in the Baquba area.

The military didn't identify the man who was captured Monday, two days after another senior member of the network -- Mansur Sulayman Mansur Khalif, also known as Sheikh Mansur -- was killed in a coalition airstrike.

The suspect, detained with three other suspected terrorists, reportedly is "a senior al Qaeda cell leader throughout central Iraq, north of Baghdad," a military statement said.

"He is known to be involved in facilitating foreign terrorists throughout central Iraq, and is suspected of having ties to previous attacks on coalition and Iraqi forces."

The military said the raid also turned up an AK-47 and other ammunition that coalition forces destroyed on-site.

Women and children at the sites returned safely to their homes after forces determined the area was secured, the statement said.

The Pentagon on Thursday released video of the June 16 airstrike that killed Sheikh Mansur. Described as one of al Qaeda in Iraq's top five operatives, he was believed to have been attempting to reorganize the group's operations after al-Zarqawi's death.

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