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All the Treason That's Fit to Print

Adam's Apple

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Apr 25, 2004
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Murdock may have hit upon something here. Maybe self-preservation is behind The Times' efforts to get on the good side of Al Quada. ;)

NYT: All the Treason That's Fit to Print
by Deroy Murdock, Human Events
Posted Jun 29, 2006

The most puzzling thing about the New York TimesÂ’ exposure of AmericaÂ’s counterterrorism secrets is that it has no apparent sense of self-preservation. If the Times were headquartered in, say, Bismarck, N.D., its spectacular disregard for human safety might be explained by its bet that terrorists never would hit it directly.

However, the Old Gray Lady occupies the bullÂ’s-eye on IslamofascismÂ’s dartboard. The Times undermines U.S. national security from offices at 229 West 43rd Street, just a half-block from Times Square. If Gotham ever suffered a dirty-bomb attack, densely populated, camera-filled Times Square would be the quintessential venue for a radiological blast. In that event, gamma rays would race through the thyroids of Times staffers within seconds.

Perhaps America’s self-appointed “Paper of Record” is so self-absorbed that its morally vain editors and publishers ignore al Qaeda’s 9/11 attack that killed 2,749 individuals in Manhattan. As author Ron Suskind recently reported, al Qaeda came within 45 days of unleashing a 2003 cyanide-gas assault on New York’s subways that could have killed Times readers and employees.

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