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Jun 9, 2011
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A clarification has been added to the "Site Wide Rules" section of the USMB Posting Guidelines on the Home Page. It's pretty self evident.

Moderation may act on obvious Stalking and Harassment of members on the forums.

This just officially adds a policy that USMB Staff has always followed. In addition, because of numerous complaints about the abuse of the "Funny Button" as a weapon --- and because we've seen harassing abuse of that feature -- the following note announces that Staff does consider chronic, malicious use of that feature as possible stalking/harassment.

Stalking/Harassing: USMB Moderation may consider the complaints of any member "funnying" 6 or more of their posts OUTSIDE OF THE TAUNTING AREAS in a 24 hour period to be a form of stalking/harrassment. You're welcome to contact the Mod Staff if you can provide proof thru your alert log that this has occurred in any 24 hour period and there's a PATTERN of this harassment from the perpetrator. Pattern means that it's happened in other threads chronically and repeatedly.

Don't file post Reports. Start a PM with one or more Mods and have your alert log file ready to copy/paste.

If determined to be malicious and excessive, warnings or other sanctions may be applied. Do NOT bring us cases or evidence from the past. Only incidents occuring 4 days after the date on this post will be considered.

For the old-timers -- when we had a "reputation system", we had to do the same thing with abuse of "Neg Rep". And we installed a rule almost identical to this one. And with the myriad of frustrations and high temper levels -- we're back to that situation again. If you report harassment under these cases, make certain that it is GROSSLY excessive, targeted, malicious, and pervasive. We will NOT act on any case where the 24 limit is exceeded and is limited to a single thread or isolated abuse.
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