1. Cellblock2429

    Pelosi expands the power of the Swamp.

    In an unprecedented power grab, Piglosi allows proxy votes in the House. I guess Piglosi doesn’t think her job is essential. Americans should be outraged and frightened by an unprecedented rule change backed by Democrats and approved by the House on a 217-189 vote Friday night allowing for...
  2. G

    What are the rules of clean debate zone

    Someone told me not to put links. I saw most people don't put links. So no links? What are the other rules?
  3. flacaltenn

    Addition to USMB Posting Guidelines.

    A clarification has been added to the "Site Wide Rules" section of the USMB Posting Guidelines on the Home Page. It's pretty self evident. Moderation may act on obvious Stalking and Harassment of members on the forums. This just officially adds a policy that USMB Staff has always followed. In...
  4. midcan5

    Rules for Covering Hillary

    This is why media has become so untrustworthy. Ever since corporations bought them out to promote the free market mentality that brought us the great recession, all you get from them is complete BS. When the brain washed write the news you get baloney sandwiches. Best to scour the net carefully...
  5. Owsi68

    Dirty Play or Smart Tactics

    I think the tactic of taking out the command and the medical support is a good one. Just as wounding a soldier.tactically causes more disruption to the unit than killing him outright. These tactics were employed by the Viet Cong to great effect. Lots of people have resorted to unconventional...

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