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Zone1 200th anniversary takes Basilians to Rome


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Sep 30, 2011
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The Basilians didn’t just happen by the Vatican and drop in on Pope Francis. Five Basilian priests were in Rome at the culmination of a bicentennial pilgrimage through France, ending in Rome. All this year Basilians in Canada, the United States, Mexico and Colombia have been celebrating their 200th anniversary — celebrations that will be capped off with a 200th birthday Mass at St. Basil’s Church, on the campus of the University of St. Michael’s College at the University of Toronto Nov. 21.

On their bicentennial pilgrimage, Storey, Fr. Laejandro Estrada, Fr. Pedro Mora, Fr. Morgan Rice and Fr. John Huber celebrated Masses at the College Sacré Coeur in Annonay and at the 13th-century chapel of St. Basile more than 500 km south of Paris. After meeting with Francis, the Basilians celebrated a Mass of thanksgiving in St. Peter’s Basilica, where they read out the names of every novice, priest, lay associate and Basilian in formation for priesthood.

Basilian history didn’t just start with a few teaching priests holed up in rural France. The Basilians risked their lives, refusing to bend to a Napoleonic conception of the French Church as somehow separate from the pope. They were papists from the beginning.

“Ordinarily, to say you’re a papist and a Catholic would be ridiculous,” said Storey. “But today it becomes politically charged.”

The Basilians are papists, they know who they are and they’re happy with who they are, said the Canadian leader of the order.

That's kind of cool. I wonder if there will be other articles written about them.

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