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$2 Trillion May Get Invested in Silver


Sep 11, 2011
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There are 70 million millionaires in this world.

My coin shop says anyone who collects gold and silver he knows for the past 20 years are millionares. What does yours say? Talk to your local coin shop and then tell me that any PM is a bad investment.

If 10,000,000 rich people invest $100,000 each in Silver and 15 giant investment companies and banks invest $75 billion each into Silver then $2 Trillion will be invested into Silver.

That comes to 66 Billion ounces of silver will be purchased and Silver price will reach sky-high.

Legal Tender $20 Silver Coins from Royal Canadian Mint. Its market value comes to about $72 per ounce of silver.

Read this:


I have been told that many stocks have increased or have given returns of 2,000,000% in 30 years. If many stocks can increase 25000% or 50000% then Silver can also increase 2000% to 5000%.

There will be selling in expensive real estates worldwide and this money will be invested in many investment areas.

Read this:

10 grams to 500 grams silver coins being sold in India. If 1 Billion people buy 1 ounce Silver then 1 billion ounce silver will be purchased.


Read this:

Warren Buffet company owns 129,710,000 ounces of silver. Its first purchase was made on July 25, 1997 and its most recent purchase was made on January 12, 1998.

Investment In Silver

$650 million invested into Silver 14 years ago = Atleast $6 Billion invested today in Silver.

USA has estimated 6 Billion ounces of Silver.

It is understandable that USA may dump their silver when it reachs $100 an ounce so that they earn 4 times more profit.

So there is good possibility that USA may push Silver upwards. USA is $14 Trillion every year economy.

But USA can sell silver when it is reachs $50. We do not know.

Reports on CNBC said "Silver could reach $600". I agree $600 is too high but $200 is possible.

I found these polls on a reputed Silver forum

Poll 1) How Many Ounces of Silver you Possess?

63 people each said they have 100 to 3000 ounces of silver

11 people each said they have 5000+ ounces of silver.

Poll 2) What percentage of liquid assets have you invested in Silver and Gold?

80% people said they have invested more than 50% of their liquid assets in Silver and Gold (I do not remember the correct words).

This was a big poll and hundreds of people had voted.

Poll 3) Best investment for next 10 years

142 people (75%) said Silver.

My sincere suggestion is that everybody buy 1 kg Silver.

Millions of people worldwide buy food and other products and pay with Gold and silver so they are used as currency in many places in the world.

Currency of particular country can become worthless but Gold and silver will have value.

Gold and silver is the basis of money. Currency is backed and supported by gold and silver. Today many people accept gold and silver as money. I mean you can pay with gold and silver for products you buy.

There will be no currency or money without gold and silver.
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