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  1. HaShev

    A Communist Quiz

    In my best Jeff Foxworthy Voice: "If you wear a gray one piece jump suit after labor day, you might be a Communist" "If you ever drove a 1950's car three times around the speedometer and are still driving it today, you might be a Cuban Communist." "If you ever had a poster of Dolph Lundgren as...
  2. Q

    "Market economy is for robots, socialism is for people"

    What should the creation of AI lead to and how it will affect human society. I grew up in the USSR under socialism, when there was free medicine, secondary education and higher education - those who passed the competition for admission to the university. Also, under socialism, everyone was...
  3. P@triot

    Progressive Propaganda: The Socialism Edition

    The only people who support socialism are the uneducated/ignorant who have never lived under it and never studied it. Educated/experienced people want no part of socialism. They understand it is a failed ideology...
  4. S

    Biden/Harris (or Harris/Biden) ticket

    Just found this site about 10 minutes ago, so this is my first ever post. My apologies if there is already an existing thread going over these same topics/arguments. Looking for someone to help me understand what makes both the Biden selection as nominee and his selection of Harris as VP either...
  5. P@triot

    Progressive Propaganda: the scandinavian addition

    One of the left's favorite lies is that socialism has worked in the scandinavia nation's. Just one problem. Socialism has never even been tried in the scandanivian nations. For starters, the government doesn't control the means of production in any of those nations. Finland tried "Basic...
  6. S

    Private industry is not always the superior solution.

    Private industry is not always the superior solution: There are people that believe “government’s the problem rather than solution. I heard Milton Friedman state that half of what our federal government’s spending is wasted. A great proportion of all other than federal spending, (including...
  7. P@triot

    This is how socialism ends EVERY time

    With government deciding to execute certain citizens based on criteria developed by the government, in their best interest...
  8. KingdomInTheCulture

    Is Jesus Christ a Socialist?

    I made a video discussing my thoughts on if Jesus is a socialist. Let me know what you think of my arguments down below, and what do you think? Is Jesus a socialist? What evidence do you have that He is or is not?
  9. The Original Tree

    Fear, Hatred, Intimidation, & Lies

    These are the ingredients necessary to enslave a free people under Socialism and Communism. Socialism & Communism are two sides of the same coin. Both eventually become totalitarian. On one side of The Coin is The Whip, and on the other is The Carrot. Without propaganda, hysteria, lies...
  10. The Original Tree

    How Comrade Sanders will destroy The Working Class and Our Economy

    His planned $200 Trillion in Soviet Union styled Spending when we only have a $20 Trillion Dollar GDP alone would destroy America. So will the $93 Trillion in Green New Scam Soending do the same. No wonder he will need to confiscate The Wealth of Billionaires and throw them in Gulags, and...
  11. The Original Tree

    Record Number of GOP Candidates Run for Senate and House in Shampeachment Socialism Boomerang

    Dear Democrats: America Hates you. You Brought This on Yourself. Republican revenge: Record GOP field forms, on 2020 mission to take down ‘socialists’ A record number of candidates have filed to run for office in the House and Senate, breaking last cycle’s history-making numbers from the...
  12. JGalt

    So I made this meme....

    I had this picture on my computer. It was from a few years ago when I actually caught two mice in one trap. My wife came up with the caption...
  13. RodISHI

    What is the difference between Democrat and Democratic?

    Rod and I have both noticed the DNC has been rebranding itself in the recent years. Instead of being the Democrats they now use Democratic as their new brand. Rod asked me about it last night as he couldn't quite get his head wrapped around why they are doing that. Here is the obvious difference...
  14. JGalt

    Socialism/Communism is for white people only - Others need not apply

    Apparently it is, since the only place "socialism" has come close to working is the predominantly lilly-white Nordic countries. "Latino/Hispanic Venezuela, Ecuador, and Bolivia have all gone through large swings to the left and only have a shortage of toilet paper to show for it. Chinese...
  15. EvilEyeFleegle

    When a deep red town’s only grocery closed, city hall opened its own store. Socialism?

    Interesting--a city-owned supermarket...designed to break even..for the good of its residents--but City run private NOT capitalism--It just struck me..that the 'socialism' word gets tossed around a lot..mostly by those who have little or no idea of what is actually...
  16. The Original Tree

    What's More Boring? Fake Impeachment or Stiff Staged Debates?

    I don't know which venue has more losers, and liars. The DemNazi Clown Show Schitt Show, or The Left Loser Parade called the DemTard Debates. I Retort, You Decide. I believe The Ratings will drop even further when the numbers come out. Democratic Debate No. 4 Viewership Falls To Near Low On...
  17. JGalt

    Nothing in the news about the riots in Chile?

    Supposedly, a non-socialist president had won over a socialist, and the commies are rioting. I guess the networks are too busy with their "impeachment" endeavor. "SANTIAGO (Reuters) - Chile’s government will extend a state of emergency to cities in its north and south, President Sebastian...
  18. georgephillip

    Power in a Capitalist Society

    Capitalism stands democracy on its head by allowing a wealthy few to acquire vast private fortunes at public expense; socialism advances social use rather than private profits. "Capitalism arises from relations of private-ownership that allow a wealthy minority to control all the resources...
  19. The Original Tree

    Liberal DemTards Spending $100 Gs a Person In Seattle & Homeless Epidemic Worse Than Ever

    In the same vein of the most Wasteful Social Programs in History, "The War on Poverty" where Democrats spent $23 Trillion Dollars, and only enriched themselves and their friends, Seattle Leadership, as Clueless as they are, have Invested in Their Feelings and are dropping $100,000 a person on...
  20. The Original Tree

    From Fundamentally Changing America to "Structural Change" its all THE SAME!

    Is anyone, like I am tired of The Democrat Party telling you America isn't good enough for them? Are you tired of them telling you they need to overhaul America, despite the fact it's the most successful Democratic Republic in The World's History? They want to get rid of The Electoral College...
  21. G

    Why do socialists like income taxes?

    Socialists say they protect workers from capital “owners”. However, they demand income taxes. Income taxes hurt workers the most. Land owners pay land taxes. Shareholders pay capital gain taxes (which they can keep postponing). Startup founders pay at most, renunciation tax when they change...
  22. The Original Tree

    How The Evil Democrat Party is Trying To Destroy Our Democracy

    If you want to know why THE EVIL DEMNAZIS want to give Illegals Driver Licenses, Let Them Vote, Give them instant access to our Social Safety Net while throwing Grandma and Grandpa off the cliff, are opposed to Border Security, tightening lax immigration law, and WHY THEY HATE PRESIDENT TRUMP...
  23. The Original Tree

    Agenda 21 - The Dossier & Fundamentally Transforming America

    I’ve been saying that all along that these people were Russian Moles, and Obama and Clinton were willing accomplices in selling out America and so were their allies in The CIA, DOJ, FBI and all Other agencies Obama planted these people in. Notice how neither Julian Assange was questioned, nor...
  24. The Original Tree

    The Hitler Youth & The Democrat Party.

    I hadn’t really thought about this before. Why is The Democrat Party going so hard after Young Voters and even wanting to lower the voting age? This is what Socialists do. They groom the Youth to Support them, and they look at the Elderly, The Wisdom of a Nation as disposable. Maybe this is...
  25. J

    Capitalism vs Socialism vs our free enterprise system. What is your choice?

    For distinctions between our system, as intended by our Founders, and “Capitalism”, see: PART TWO: Free Enterprise is Better than Capitalism The following descriptions of “Capitalism” and “Free Enterprise” are noted as follows: Capitalism (crony capitalism) : A system where the law...
  26. DOTR

    Venezuela regresses

    Socialism has rapidly driven Venezuela back to the way it was before white Europeans came and developed it. Don’t think progress can’t be undone.
  27. The Original Tree

    The Wealthy Elite Left Says to The Taxpayer: "Rules & Fairness are for The Peasantry."

    Just like Sanctuary Cities and Open Borders. The rules don't apply to them. They will not be paying for the support of any illegals that flop down in their cities. You will. You'll pay for their education, health care, housing, clothing and food, and they will pay for nothing, and neither...
  28. G

    CDZ Libertarianism is a Great Ideology but it Has Flaws

    Someone told me that my idea of privatization of states is not libertarianism. It's ancap. I thought about it. I thought I am a very moderate libertarian. Libertarians see governments as oppressors. I see governments as a very inefficient protectors. Libertarians see others as parasites (I used...
  29. P@triot

    CDZ Inviting ALL leftists for an HONEST conversation

    The left is pushing harder than ever for socialism. I've posed this question before but have been unable to get a single leftist to provide an answer: why doesn't the left just create socialism within the confines of the free market? I'm asking an honest question here. Nobody is stopping the...
  30. The Original Tree

    Democrat Party Still Embracing & Empowering Antisemitism.

    Simple thread with a simple concept. The DemNazi Party has not removed any blatantly antisemetic Muslims from any committees and replaced them with moderate or progressive reform minded Muslims. Also, AOC still has not started her Job Training Program for people unemployed by robots to train...

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