1. T

    The dead internet theory - is this possible?

    I like watching this channel, he is entertaining. He basically covers conspiracy theories and other strange things, but how he does it is, he explains the theory, then goes back and shows how it was all debunked, or, if there is any truth to it, he explains that too. However, this one isn’t one...
  2. TheProgressivePatriot

    Texas Butterfly Sanctuary Closes Due To 'Credible Threats' From Pro-Trump Event

    There seems to be no bottom to the depth of craziness, treachery and stupidity of Trump supporters In retaliation for the group having raised concerns about the environmental impact of the...
  3. midcan5

    Qanon / Conspiracy

    'Reason and rationality have never been more important than they are today.' Qanon took a big hit, Trump lost. But consider too their many misses. So why do people still believe. I'll offer some thoughts on topic, included will be many sources for your analysis. Life often doesn't make easy...
  4. Bob Blaylock

    George Floyd Riots — Convenient Piles/Pallets of Bricks…

    Over the past day, I've come across two completely different reports of piles or pallets of bricks mysteriously appearing in locations that would be convenient for violent subhuman pieces of shit participating in the George Floyd riots. On both cases, it seems implied that the one making the...
  5. Papageorgio

    Murder In Oregon

    Michael Franke was the head of Oregon's Department of Corrections in 1988. The day before he was to go before the state legislature to expose corruption in the Department of Corrections, he was murdered. The person the state of Oregon convicted of murdering Franke was a small time meth dealer by...
  6. TheProgressivePatriot

    Intercessor Prays That Michelle Obama Will Be Exposed as a Man

    Intercessor Prays That Michelle Obama Will Be Exposed as a Man | Right Wing Watch Prays That Michelle Obama Will Be Exposed as a Man All that I can say is WHAT THE HELL is wrong with these people? This guy is in serious need of getting a life. People who pursue and obsess about this sort of...
  7. 2

    Rock n Roll Prophecy Conspiracy ?

    This is really a conspiracy that has been going on since The Beatles or somewhere near that era in every Rock Genre- Adult Contemporary, Punk, New Wave, Alternative, Metal, Pop that is really about the End of The World with lyrics about The King and Queen, World Events... Some take the side of...
  8. D

    Why I think there is a deep-state conspiracy to demonize single-payer healthcare

    What if everything you thought about single payer was wrong? What if the reason we don't have it and there's so much opposition to it is not because of the greed of the insurance companies, corruption, or the influence of private interests at all? This is what most progressives believe is...
  9. Litwin

    Sergei Skripal and the "Russian" disinformation game

    great article, i want to know , what % people in your country (city) buy actually Putler´s propaganda today? "When the UK authorities announced on Wednesday that they suspected two alleged Russian agents in the poisoning of former Russian spy Sergei Skripal and his daughter in Salisbury, they...
  10. deanrd

    If Trump is being investigated, so should Democrats. For....for....something vague.

    Vague is not how it works. You can investigate on a conspiracy. Trump did it with Obama when he demanded Obama be investigated for tapping Trump's phones. Then that went away. Because it never happened. Endless conspiracies ain't gonna do it. And it made Trump and Fox look stupid
  11. deanrd

    Why does it seem that USMB Republicans always side with Russia?

    It seems that no matter what our Intelligence agencies discover, USBM Republicans will always side with and defend Russia? I'm very curious. Why is that?
  12. TheProgressivePatriot

    Hurricanes Will Be Created To Suppress Pro-Trump Voter Turnout

    Mark Taylor: Hurricanes Will Be Created To Suppress Pro-Trump Voter Turnout They are on to us! They know that we liberals and commies will do anything to stop Trump and the Republicans and they're right! Batten down the hatches mates! Its going to be a rough ride this fall.
  13. TheProgressivePatriot

    The Religious Right Takes on UN Children’s Agency Over Sex Education

    Why is the religious right attacking UNICEF? You might not believe the answer More absurdity from the religious right. These people have to be borderline psychotic. They are targeting UNICEF – a...
  14. Jack of Blades

    The #Joker Intelligence Agency

    A Joker is a term I did not create for people who use ciphers, codes and communication systems to communicate a message that is intentionally unclear to most people because it is not meant to be understood by a majority of people who hear it. Jokers normally consist of street criminals...
  15. TheProgressivePatriot

    Children of the Parkland Tragedy Vilified for Speaking Out and Condemned as Phonies

    Question: Who would dare, who has the temerity, who has the viciousness in them to target distraught, children who survived a school shooting and are desperate for adults to stop the killing, with a smear campaign? Who is willing to join in the chorus of voices advancing the absurd claim that...

    "Russia can swing elections for the price of a can of soda"

    I heard this one on Hannity and on Tucker Carlson. Facebook: Russians spent just 73p on adverts during Brexit campaign That Russia 'Stole' the election or that intelligence agencies are concerted that the election was hacked and stolen by Russians for the price of a can of soda looks more like...
  17. Fort Fun Indiana


    Doesn't this belong here as well? If those who deny it are going to post about it, this may be the place to do so, no? Many, if not most of you are implying a vast conspiracy, are you not? So, let's hear about that. Let's not litigate the truth of evolutionary theory. Let's explore how this...
  18. HaShev

    Proof Dem Rep. Adam Schiff has to recuse himself for being partisan

    Rep. Adam Schiff has been speaking about the case in false and perhaps overstating his boundries terminology in discussing the case he's part of investigating. He claims there's undeniable proof before the evidence comes in and through false narrative news as his source that twist the actual...
  19. guyfawkestruepirate

    Reptilian Conspiracy Theroies

    Can someone help make light as to why some people are actually so stupid enough to believe that our political figures in high power are actually just reptilians in disguise?. :doubt:
  20. TheProgressivePatriot

    Daylight Savings Time is a hoax!

    Daylight Savings Time is a hoax! Fake News! The government can't tell me what time it is. Time change conspiracy truthers be damned. Only God can change the time!!
  21. P@triot

    The Clinton's

    In no way am I proclaiming that there are actual crimes/conspiracies here. But...there are a few items that would cause a rational person to question the history. For starters - how many people can one be associated with who end up committing suicide? I've been on this planet for more than a...
  22. E

    Is FACEBOOK evil?

    Is facebook evil? Bringing out our demons?
  23. E

    Trump & jfk, antichrist, science, mandela effect... whaaaaat????

    This guy may be nuts but hes got a crazy point See
  24. MindWars

    Report: Obama threatened Putin with war over election hacking conspiracy theory

    Report: Obama Threatened Putin With WAR Over Election Hacking Conspiracy Theory President used emergency 'red phone' system to say 'armed conflict' could ensue Take this one with a pinch of salt, because it comes from the fake mainstream media, but NBC reported earlier this week that outgoing...
  25. TheProgressivePatriot

    9-11….. Startling New Evidence of a Conspiracy

    Note: I am aware of the fact that there are several other open treads on 9-11 However, they have long been dormant since shortly after they was started earlier this year. In addition, none of them feature the film that I recently discovered. This is different. This is compelling and worth a...
  26. 2

    Conspiracy theories about religion

    I've been researching conspiracy theories for a few years, and recently I've been focused on the conspiracy of Christianity. Christianity is an ideal system for gaining control over a people, as it promotes traits such as submissiveness, a tendency towards blind obedience, and a reluctance to...
  27. F

    Christianity and the "New World Order"

    Bridging discussions of religion and politics, who else here think that there is a connection between Christianity and the plan for a tyrannical state? It makes a lot of sense after some research, considering the money that the Christian church has managed to get, and the way that Christianity...
  28. T

    A conspiracy to suppress information on the Occult

    Does anyone else here think that there is a conspiracy to suppress authentic information about Occult power and the ways in which one acquires it? After researching this topic, I found much evidence that those in power desire to keep genuine spiritual power from average people. Many conspiracy...
  29. C

    The Conspiracy Behind Cancer

    Pharmaceutical companies make their money from people buying their medication and treatments. Since there are only temporary solutions for cancer, pharmaceutical companies continue to make money from each time a cancer patient goes through chemotherapy or radiation. Each time a person is...
  30. citizenal

    Who is the Enemy?

    America is at war! We all know this is true. However, who are we fighting against? The answer to this question is not so simple, because for the past 100 years America has fought for those who are the enemy and not those who deserve the sacrifices we have made. In fact, the sacrifices we...

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