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"Russia can swing elections for the price of a can of soda"


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May 20, 2017
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Provo, UT
I heard this one on Hannity and on Tucker Carlson.

Facebook: Russians spent just 73p on adverts during Brexit campaign

That Russia 'Stole' the election or that intelligence agencies are concerted that the election was hacked and stolen by Russians for the price of a can of soda looks more like what it is. Inside favor-ship on the scale of Iraq having weapons of mass destruction.

When the democracy is purchase-able for the price of a can of soda by its own intelligence agency, that forfeits the country altogether. (It hasn't because its not real, and is a flying excuse by the corrupt and the deep-state) It forfeits its sovereignty.

This type of deep-state political 'gifting' has already killed 2 million people in Iraq.

Its why news is so bad. A deep and rotten culture of complacency in blaming classic Hollywood enemies such as Russians or Arab, (this time a 'hack of democracy' is being dumped on the Russians) just like WMD non-compliance was dumped on Iraq, by lazy, impugning, childish, corrupt members of government waging an political coup.

Federal agencies such as the CIA and FBI are put on an untouchable pedestal because they are valued play-pieces for political in-fighting between parties in the US. Both of these agencies have screwed up royally, and the CIA shouldn't actually be around since 9-11 and gifting a war to a president. It also places them in the range of mythos rather than reality.

I'm really disappointed that nobody can pick up on it, especially people that profess to support Islamic resistance or any scale or scope of basic political radicalism. Instead it dangerous and retarded and groups such as ANTIFA are around instead. Its sad to see the USA like this but its even sadder to see the left.

It drives political terror, domestic and foreign terror.

So far nobody has a brain and everybody ends up getting blown up.

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