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    Real Unemployment Rate Is at Least 18 Percent

    July 14 2014 Looks like the worse case unemployment (U-6) is about 12% Remember that's ONE IN EVERY EIGHT WORKERS Sorry about the formatting but I presume ya'll can figure it out HOUSEHOLD DATA Table A-15. Alternative measures of labor underutilization Table A-15. Alternative...
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    Israel has fallen into a Hamas trap once again.

    YUP. Whenever things get too cozy, whenever the leaders of Hamas or the leaders of the Israeli hawks feel the need they ramp up the terror and killing and the normal xenophobic suspects fall in line.
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    Yes! Two More Ted Nugent Concerts Canceled.

    Who cares what this posterboy of the conservative chickenhawks says? The market has spoken. Ted is not wanted in those venues.
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    Anyone here reload?

    How much do you have per load?
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    Former Aide To Bill Clinton Speaks – "My Party Has Lost Its Soul"

    You're have been misinformed Search Results - Oxford Reference Search Results - Oxford Reference
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    Who's Responsible for Civilian Deaths in Gaza?

    Who struck the first blow? How far back do we get to go? I guess I'd want to go back to around 1918 or so to decide. But some of us might also suggest that we'd have to go back to 638 to really get the picture. Then too some of us might decide to go back to the eviction fo the Jews by the...
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    US Invasion started the Christian Holocaust in Iraq

    The Christian holocaust in Asia has been going since about 750 AD.
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    How many would like Obama to ignore Congress?

    The limitations of Executive Orders make such a proposal rather silly. XOs are orders given to the government based on existing authority. No XO can supercede the limit on the executive branch. XOs are NOT a replacement for existing laws. XOs are procedural orders for how the...
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    Another Child Dies Left in Hot Car

    AT LEAST criminally negligent homicide
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    Yes, Sexually Frustrated Wives Can Make Sex Spreadsheets Too

    Would any of us want to know either the husband or the wife who posted this? These people have absolutely no class whatever
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    Favorite Religious Quotes

    My FAVORITE religious quote? Some of us will get it.
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    Should of ...

    English is a living language. English speakers decide what's right.
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    Another Responsible Gun Owner: Houston Massacre're the one!:lol:

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