Who's Propping Up The Legacy Media

Discussion in 'Politics' started by bitterlyclingin, Aug 2, 2012.

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    [Well lets see, Newsweek, which last sold for the grand sum of one whole US Dollar announced it will soon cease its print publication. CNN, with its ratings resembling a piece of poo circling the bottom opening in the commode after just pushing on the flush lever, is seeing its top execs going down the hawsers like rats leaving an empty unused rusting trawler thats been tied for years to the docks.
    Well, for one its the uber Liberal George Soros and the ever ready availability of funds from Soros's fifteen billion dollar bank accounts pouring in an unending stream into mediamatters which currently acts as the drover for the LeftMedia. Now it looks more and more like the Liberal Ford foundation is rushing to the aid of more members of the foundering legacy media. Just can't let the Commie and Liberal/Progressive propaganda stop just because not enough people are buying their product to pay for the costs of production.
    Going! Going! Gone!
    Can't wait to see folks like Jonathan Chait, Frank Rich, and Maureen Dowd standing in the rain holding signs "Will work for food" at the exit 48 off the Merritt]

    "The Ford Foundation awarded a $500,000 grant to the Washington Post to expand its government-accountability coverage, the foundation’s second major grant to a for-profit newspaper this year.

    The foundation made its first for-profit newspaper grant to the Los Angeles Times this spring—an award of $1 million to enlarge coverage of local immigration and ethnic communities.

    The grants come as newspapers continue to struggle with print revenues declining much faster than digital revenues are growing, forcing closures and job cuts throughout the industry. The Washington Post’s newsroom, for instance, has shrunk to around 600 people today from about 1,000 at its peak in 2000.

    The one-year grant to the Post, which is owned by Washington Post Co., will fund four reporters to work on “special projects related to money, politics and government,” under the paper’s investigative unit, according to a memo from Post editors.

    “The Foundation’s support enables us to build on one of our central missions, and the terms of the grant give us complete independence,” the editors said.

    Think this over for a minute: for-profit media companies are becoming charity cases for their core mission. Really? (It is well known that without this highly profitable Kaplan test prep division, the Washington Post company would be losing buckets of money.)"

    The Epic Fail Race: Blue Media vs. Blue Government | Power Line
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    I love how conservatives think that when the last independent voice in media is plowed under by the corporate profit machine they will have something better.

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