Who Would Have Thought It?

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by Philobeado, Sep 11, 2009.

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    If I had told you on September 11, 2001 that eight years later...

    We would have a president who picked as a close White House advisor someone who stated that America got what was coming to us 9-11, that the United States was a terrorist country, and whose minister had said the same.
    That the president who had kept the country safe from further terror attacks for eight years -- who turned Iraq and Afghanistan from our mortal enemies into our nominal allies -- would be reviled as a "war criminal."
    We would elect a president who would say Victory over the terrorists isn't really our objective
    We would have a Congressional leadership that was ready to cede Afghanistan back to the Taliban, because they didn't think the public thought winning was worth it
    The president and his administration would be forbidden to speak of the 'War on Terrorism' because the language was considered politically incorrect. Instead, of a terror attack, the events on 9-11-2001 would be considered merely a "man-caused disaster."
    Our Supreme Court would have concluded that the foreign terrorists who destroyed the WTC were entitled to the same Constitutional Rights as the Americans they butchered
    We would have a president eager to bring terrorists onto American soil, and would have released other terrorists to taxpayer paid vacations in tropical paradises
    The president and his party would be seeking to prosecute intelligence agents who put their lives on the line to protect Americans from another attack.
    We would have members of an entire political party who thought pouring water on a terrorist's nose to save American lives was a horror beyond the pale.
    Hollywood would have released several movies depicting our soldiers and intelligence services as the bad guys (Redacted, Syriana, War Inc, Lions for Lambs, In the Valley of Elah) , and the terrorists as innocent victims (Rendition).
    A film-maker who described Islamic terrorists as "equivalent to our Minutemen" would be given a place of honor in the president's box at the DNC convention.
    We would have a president who apologized to Islamic countries for America defending ourselves against terrorists
    We would have a president that stood by and did nothing while the world's leading sponsor of terror developed nuclear weapons
    Our borders would still be wide open, and two successive administrations would have done nothing to secure them.
    An environmental group would use the horrific images of the murder of 2,800 people as part of a hip, edgy ad campaign.

    Would you have believed me? Would you have thought all this was insane? Would you have been outraged? Would you have thought it possible on 9-11-2001, that eight years later our national leadership would be once again gutting our military, tying up our intelligence agencies in bureaucratic knots, and retreating to the same failed 'terrorism is a law enforcement matter' approach that led to the attacks on the World Trade Center to begin with?

    What you have said if you knew all this would happen after 9-11-2001, besides, 'Good God, what happened to this country? How did we let this happen How did we forget?'
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    Had you said this eight years ago, they would've had you in a straight jacket.
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